Ekaterina Zhingel. [In]finity



TUE — SUN 12:00-21:00
Возрастные ограничения 12+


The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art present Ekaterina Zhingel's project [in]finity. The exhibition is held as part of the MMOMA Young Art Support Programme.

Ekaterina Zhingel’s main media is photography. Through frames and editing she explores the passage of time, the documentation of events, the human experience of challenging life situations and of what remains in their wake. The exhibition includes two series. One is titled Do you Need a Hand where the hand is ‘helping’, but it can also be clenched as in the phrase 'get a grip on yourself', a call to maintain self-control. Any experience leaves a trace, all memories grow into one’s personality. Ekaterina's photographs feature multiarmed and multilegged people: not monsters, but characters changed by the events they survived, the experience they gained which becomes apparent and is captured in the photos.

Another series, Take a Picture of Me Against, shows figures dissolving and getting lost in the landscapes or interiors. They remain in the frame forever, despite their vague outlines and contours. The characters dissolve into the fabric of existence and show through it, becoming part of the background, or absorbing it as an integral part of their memories.

Ekaterina Zhingel reflects on the nonlinearity of time too, on each of us living simultaneously in the past and the future, with any experience leaving an imprint on our personality and its further development. Photography is a perfect tool for it, as it does not only capture reality, but also changes it, which allows the viewer to see both the past and the future in the frame.


Ekaterina Zhingel was born in the Kostroma region on June 25, 1991. She studied the technique and history of photography while being a student at the Department of Journalism at Moscow State University. Later she practised at the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Ekaterina's main medium is photography. In her projects, she explores the transformation of one’s personality under the influence of different experiences. Ekaterina took part in several exhibitions: Workshop 20'19 and Rub the Nose of a Bronze Dog (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow), I'll Think About It Tomorrow (in collaboration with Daria Yaromenok, Bogorodskoe Gallery, Moscow), and in international festivals: Rotterdam Photo Festival 2023 (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Photographic Visions – Summer 2020 at PH21 Gallery (Budapest, Hungary), among others. In 2019-2020, Ekaterina curated a series of one-day exhibitions called Date.

About the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art

The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops is an educational platform of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for young artists and curators. It was founded in 1992 by a group of artists and art historians, including Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Vladimir Nasedkin, and Moscow State University professors Vera Dazhina and Valery Turchin. The students attend workshops of the best speakers, successful cultural leaders, well-known philosophers, and theorists of contemporary art. During the educational programme, young artists and curators immerse themselves in the artistic world, participate in workshops, group exhibitions and festivals. Being a part of the Museum, Free Workshops offer the audience a unique opportunity to study theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary art while staying in its epicentre. At every stage of their journey the artists are supported by the Museum and the School. They are encouraged to take part in group exhibitions (annual exhibitions of young art, group projects by young curators) and to have solo exhibitions (MMOMA Young Art Support Programme).


1. Бег_Running

2. Грустный Бен_Sad Ben

3. Сними меня на фоне_Take-a-picture-of-me-here-5

4. Сними меня на фоне_Take-a-picture-of-me-here-6

(с) Photos: Ekaterina Zhingel



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