Anna Myagkikh. Mobiles



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The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Krokin Gallery presents Mobiles, a project by Anna Myagkikh. The exhibition features two dozen porcelain objects and a series of large-format paintings.

Before her Moscow debut Anna Myagkikh studied at the Chelsea College of Art for many years, which informed style and content of her creative exploration. This explains the accents in her art that are unfamiliar to the Russian audience and come together in a phenomenon that is difficult to interpret. Anna does not concern herself with the result, she is passionate about the creative process: the play of matter, its transformations and fluidity.

Anna Myagkik's art is centred around experimenting with materials and technologies. In her works, she captures the dynamics of the modelling process. The ceramic mass keeps the imprint of her hands, the trace of her presence and her emotion. In a spontaneous action, she reveals something hidden even from herself, something very personal, as she encapsulates the process of endless form generation in visual mobiles and their uncommon colour scheme that reminds one of Japanese anime.


1 — 4 Anna Myagkikh. Ice and Flame from the Mobiles series. Courtesy of Krokin Gallery. 2023

5 — 8 Anna Myagkikh. From the Mobiles series. Courtesy of Krokin Gallery. 2023

About the artist

Anna graduated from the Chelsea College of Art (England). She creates abstract paintings, collages, and objects. In her works, she explores how personal and family matters relate with pop culture and contrasts the aesthetics of kitsch with the academic approach to art. Anna’s works are part of the collection of the European Art Museum (Frederiksværk, Denmark). She collaborates with the Krokin Gallery.

About the Krokin Gallery

The gallery was founded by Mikhail Krokin in August 1990 in Moscow. The Krokin Gallery, one of the leading contemporary art institutions, has held over three hundred exhibitions, including joint projects with the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Architecture, and others. The gallery collaborates with artists whose names have become essential for contemporary Russian art. However, the focus of the gallery's work is hosting exhibitions of young artists, whose potential enriches the gallery's programme with a distinctive flair of youthful search.

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