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The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and BERNASKONI bureau proudly present the exhibition R&D FILARETOVA, the first solo museum project of Elena Filaretova.

The project features four series of artworks that the artist was working on from 2019 to 2024. In the Portrait series Filaretova portrays persons without specifying facial features and creates a field for free interpretation. The Liminal Space series continues the reflection on the uncertainty of the image, this time a space is already without the usual human presence. The Forest series, in addition to visual pareidolia captures the illusion of visual focalisation and distorted perspective. The Garden series is the most vivid one: emotionally rich images of flowers are shown as non-structured blobs.

The exhibition spreads over two floors of the building on Gogolevsky Boulevard. It features more than 150 works: Filaretova uses broad strokes and creates the illusion of focusing, characteristic of a human being. The viewer sees the centre part more clearly, while the edges remain blurred. The symmetry in the works also brings the visitor closer to a sense of presence in the landscape, mimicking the distortion of perspective in a large space out of focus.

During the exhibition, a Research and Design Institute for the study of the artist’s life and work is organised in collaboration with the Higher School of Economics Art and Design School. The work of the R&D Institute is a “Total collaboration” between the artist and the people around her. It brings into the creative process the maximum number of participants: everyone can contribute. The Institute comprises two parts: Filaretova's already completed collaborations with students of the Higher School of Economics (zines, posters, animation, design objects) and a parallel programme where students make artworks in the exhibition space. The HSE Art and Design School held an open call among students and then selected 30 finalists. They are future curators, graphic artists and illustrators who develop their projects in collaboration with the artist. The final works will be shown at the final presentation. The R&D Institute will also host focus groups and panel discussions with experts in architecture, contemporary art, design, film, fashion, cognitive science and other fields.


Elena Filaretova lives and works in Saint Petersburg. She graduated from Ioganson Saint Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum. In her works, the artist studies the possibilities of the brain and individual reflexivity of the viewer. She explores the theme of visual pareidolia – the process of seeing familiar images and faces in random or unstructured visual stimuli. She translates the knowledge gained about perception into artistic experience and gives the viewer the opportunity to individually interpret the images encountered. She regularly participates in group exhibitions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

About the BERNASKONI bureau

Founded by Boris Bernasconi in 2000, the interdisciplinary bureau designs and carries out innovative landmark projects. The bureau works at different scales from building architecture to industrial door handle design. The portfolio includes the Hypercube and Matrex buildings in Skolkovo, the First Presidential Centre in Yekaterinburg, numerous participations in the main programme of the Venice Biennale, keynote speeches at the Davos Forum on digitalisation of cities and sustainable development and other projects.

BERNASKONI is in charge of the concept, design and architecture of the exhibition. The exhibition is structured into two parts. On the ground: “human and space”, with the Portrait series and the R&D Institute as part of the idea of “Total collaboration”. On the first floor: the Liminal Space, Forest and Garden series.

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1. Elena Filaretova. The Forest series. Courtesy of the author.

2. Elena Filaretova. The Liminal Space series. Courtesy of the author.

3. Elena Filaretova. The Liminal Space series. Courtesy of the author.

4. Elena Filaretova. The Liminal Space series. Courtesy of the author.

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