Egor Koshelev. Gestalt of the Artist or Unexpected Retrospective



ВT — ВC 12:00-21:00
Возрастные ограничения 18+

about the exhibition

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the OVCHARENKO Gallery are proud to present Gestalt of the Artist or Unexpected Retrospective, an exhibition by Egor Koshelev.

Egor Koshelev is a keen observer of contemporary culture, known for his critique and ironic commentary. His early projects involved the aesthetics of graffiti: for a while he worked on this type of street art. Then the figure of the artist became the focus of Koshelev's attention. For him, the authors turned out to be even more interesting than their work. This is how a story about a fictional artist appeared. It is surrealistic, parodic, but also full of introspection.

Today, the artist uses quotes from art history dating from the Renaissance and realism to street art and cinema, composing arts-themed rebuses and messages. In his surreal world, mythological monsters coexist with modern fashion and technology. Koshelev continues to engage with the problem of the artist's place in the world. His alter ego The Last Artist is a reflective and ambitious character typical of the Moscow art scene.

The ironic title of the project Gestalt of the Artist or Unexpected Retrospective can be broken down into several main components. It plays on one of the cross-cutting themes of Egor Koshelev's work – the artist's image, its internal structure and development. According to Koshelev, “the title leads away from the suffocating seriousness of the statement”. His work is full of satirical and playful intonations.

The exhibition features more than 80 works: graphics, paintings, objects and sculptures from different years, as well as installations created specifically for the exhibition. It is the first event of the joint exhibition programme of MMOMA and OVCHARENKO Gallery.


Egor Koshelev. Emptiness. 2023. Courtesy of OVCHARENKO

Egor Koshelev. X. 2008. Courtesy of OVCHARENKO

Egor Koshelev. Remains. 2023. Courtesy of OVCHARENKO

Egor Koshelev. Above Moscow (Saying Hello to Deyneka!). 2017. Courtesy of OVCHARENKO

Egor Koshelev. Hanging out With Rafik – the End of the Pajama Party. 2022. Courtesy of OVCHARENKO

Egor Koshelev. Secret Plein-airist. 2021. Courtesy of OVCHARENKO

about the artist

Egor Koshelev (b. 13.01.1980) graduated from the Stroganov Academy (Department of Monumental Painting. He got his PhD in 2006 for his thesis on Tintoretto. He is the winner of the STRABAG Artaward International (2012). His works are in the collections of MMOMA, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve.


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