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about the exhibition

The Vadim Sidur Museum and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present a new exhibition of the Digital Object Alliance (DOA) titled Waggle Dance: Something Warm About You. In this project, the artist traces emerging camouflage shells that change existing human defence mechanisms.

The name of the exhibition refers to a term from beekeeping for a particular figure-eight dance of the honeybee used to share information. This serves as a metaphor for a constellation of behavioural changes occurring in response to changes in the external environment.

The spatial installation reproduces different types and properties of disguises, and models hybrid human embodiment. The objects are assemblages: fragments of found or donated items, an archival chronicle of news and personal events presented through video essays.


Digital Object Alliance works around the expanded concept of the digital body, its social and political aspects. DOA’s artistic practice is based on alliance with digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and the environment. Main tools are artistic research, digital performance, and event design. In its practice DOA focuses on the affects of mass culture, global underground movements, and the corporeality of sound.

Selected projects

performance game Still Alive, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2021); tactical site-specific game about riddles and memory of the place Fire/Fare Game for the Khodynka Gallery, Moscow (2019); performance Hydrogen City for the international exhibition World on a Wire, Moscow (2021); Screenshot_2023, the Museum of Cryptography, Moscow (2023).

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