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Dazhina Vera D.

DazhinaVera D.- Doctor of Fine Arts, Professor of the Department of World History ofArt of theDepartment of HistoryandTheory of ArtHistoryin Moscow State University.Research interestsrelated to theart andculture of Italyof the Renaissance, the Baroque and the following centuries, up to the present time.

She is a memberof the Union ofArtists of Russia since1984, the Association of Art Historians andcriticsin 1992, the Moscow bureau of the Commissionfor Cultureof the Renaissanceinthe RussianAcademy of Sciences, an expert on Russiain international culturalRomualdodel BiancoFoundationinFlorence.

She has more than150 scientific publications,including themonograph "Michelangelo. Drawingsin his art"(1986), the book«Raphael andHis Time «(1983) and» Andrea delSarto"(1986), a member of the editorial board andauthor of articles inthe Catholic Encyclopediaand theEncyclopedia" The Culture of the Renaissance. «

The problems of modern art appealed to the 1970s, when she worked at the Artists Union of the Russian Federation, as a consultant to the board to work with young artists, and is an editor of art and architecture of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Is one of the organizers of the 1992 School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops», which is associated with the activity and the present time.

Since 1993 — is actively engaged in curatorial activities and youth programs, was one of the first who became involved in the interaction of art education and contemporary art.

Acts as a critic and author of articles on education in the field of contemporary art.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is reading on a regular basis a course «Theory and Practice of Modern Art,» which has a movable structure and designed to show the close relationship processes in contemporary art, with main events in the arts and culture of the twentieth century. Without neglecting the logic of the historical process (though they say the death of history and on the nonlinear development of certain phenomena), the course is based on the sequential unfolding panorama of artistic events and large thematic clusters based on the problems of cultural anthropology.

Some articles:

Artist — a profession or way of thinking // Decorative Arts. № 1
The search for correspondence: contemporary art in the museum — a paradox or reality// Decorative Arts, № 2,

Extreme criticism in the face of extreme art or «infantile disease of leftism» // Decorative Arts, № 4

«But in the meantime ...». Exhibition of Young Artists’ Workshop in 2004. "
The «between» / / Decorative Arts. № 5-6

Artistidalla Russia per Dante (con L.Tonini) //Semicerchio. XXXV (2007/1). P. 11-13. Arezzo
A new meeting with Italian art in Moscow. Exhibition «Italian art of the twentieth century: a view of outstanding artists Mark the area »// Decorative Arts. Number 2

Project «Migration.» I Moscow International Biennale for Young art, «Stop! Who goes there? »// Decorative Arts. № 4
I make the sky ... Article in Tanya Badanina. Yekaterinburg. Ed.
«Tatlin», S. 11-18

«I do sky» ... // Decorative Arts. № 3

Fruits of Enlightenment //DI (Dialogue Arts). Number 5. Pp. 27-30
The observation of the observed object //DI. Number 5. Pp. 62-65
Art education and the problem of self-young Artists // Academy. VI. C. VI-VII
Youth «Debut» at the Museum //DI. № 6
II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, «Stop! Who goes there? ’. Notes in the margins of the press release ...//DI. № 6

Curator and project activity

Organization of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» with VS Turchin, V. Misiano, K. Bohemianskay, artists A.Ponomarev, V. Koleichuk, philosopher and sociologist L. Zybaylov.

Organization of educational and exhibition activities designed V.Dazhina and L. Zybaylov program.

Gold and ash. Exhibition of Young Artists. Facilities at Basman Street, March, Moscow
"In memory of the Tunguska meteorite."Exhibition-action.Co-curator D. Kamyshnikova. Facilities at Basman Street, April 1 — May 1, Moscow
Personal exhibition M. Pronichev. "My Pushkin«.Facilities at Basman Street., June, Moscow
Personal exhibition of Natalia Borisova.Action «From» with M. Sindlin. Facilities at Basman Street, May-June, Moscow
Moderator of the round table "Art education and modern art «with the organizers of the School and invited I.Backstein, L. Bazhanov, V. Nemukhin etc.

cooperation with the National Centre for Contemporary Art is a partner. Organization of educational and exhibition activities within the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops». Organizer of exhibitions under the «Debut».

1999 — The school entered as an educational center in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Exhibitions & Projects — Project Manager and Curator with D.Kamyshnikova, O. Merkusheva, V.Kupriyanov

The Edge of the city-edge art. Exhibition in Tula
Project-action «Suprematist Tree»

Exhibition Project "Workshop 01«.The annual exhibition of the young Art at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August

Exhibition Project «Workshop 02». The annual exhibition of the young Art at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August

Exhibition project «Tonotografiya museum» with the annual Exhibition «Studio 03» at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August.
During the festival of the young art, «Stop! Who goes there?» Project School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops»
«Tonotografiya Museum», Moscow Museum of Modern Art, September-October
Roundtables on «Youth and Museum» at the Moscow Museum Modern Art, October
Show of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops»
«Butletkonstitutsiya», co-curator of S. Erkov, November

Annual Exhibition of Young Artists «Studio 04». Project
«Between» (co-curator Kamyshnikova D., O. Merkusheva), Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August

Exhibition Project, "Debut«.Exhibition of Italian artist Alexandra Radzhioneri «Space of memory», January
Annual Exhibition of Young Art «Studio 05». The exhibition project «Memory.» Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August
Projects during the festival of young art, «Stop! Who goes there? »: Nostalgic trip, Sergey Erkov;
In memory of Henri Rousseau, DariaLoktionova, Elena Trifonova;
Europe is, Anna Kharkina
Exhibition project of the School of Modern Art «Memorial Dante», Florence, November-December, the Museum of Dante

As part of the exhibition project «Debut»: Invasion, Julia Mirontseva;
Signs of Anna Zhernakova, Moscow Museum Modern Art
Annual Exhibition of Young Art «Studio 06».
Exhibition project «Power». Moscow Museum of Modern Art, June-August

Annual Exhibition of Young Artists «Studio 07».
The exhibition project «Space». Moscow Museum Modern Art, June-August
The curator of the exhibition of young Russian artists in the International Festival «Link» in Beijing, November

Member of the organizing committee of the First Moscow International Biennale Young Art «Stop! Who goes there? »
As part of the Biennale of Young Art Annual Exhibition of Young Art «Studio 08». The exhibition project «Migration.» Moscow Museum of Modern Art, July-August

Member of the organizing committee of the Moscow International II Biennale of Young Art «Stop! Who goes there? »

Collaboration with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art as part of the educational program of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops».

e-mail: vera.dazhina @ yandex.ru