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Andrey Velikanov

Artist, philosopher and philosopher of art. Author of articles and books on theory of culture and art, including the research in philosophy ’Whether I Am a Trembling Simulacrum or Whether I Have the Right’ (Moscow, 2007). Lecturer, author of an original academic course ’Philosophy of Art’ (Russian State University for the Humanities, Academy of Communication ’Wordshop’ , UNIC Institute, ’Free Workshops’ School of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art). Speaker and moderator at many conferences, lectures, and discussions on contemporary culture. Award winner of international media art competitions ’Ostranenie’ (Germany), ’DADANET’ (Russia), ’Art on the Net’ (Japan), ’TrashArt’ (Russia), ’South-West Interactive Festival’ (USA), ’Split’ (Croatia).

The academic course ’Philosophy of Art’ is aimed at introducing students to the studies of philosophical thought from antiquity up to the present, particularly dwelling on those philosophical schools that had an impact on art and defined radically different cultural models. Contemporary art can’t afford to be naïve, guided only by the artist’s personal intention. Quite on the contrary, it requires a good deal of erudition, intellectual abstraction and comprehension of the context. One can learn the necessary skills from those philosophers and artists who generated brilliant ideas, formulated tricky problems, contradicted each other and left us the wealth of their writings. The course includes not only lectures but also exercises for individual practice intended to help you master the complex material and improve your judgement skills, get the notion of different philosophical and artistic theories and practices, learn how to analyse texts, artworks and different phenomena in terms of both traditional and present-day philosophical concepts.