«Museum Night» at Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Museum Night will be held at two venues of Moscow Museum of Modern Art: 25 Petrovka Street (free admission 7 pm – 02.00 am) and 9 Tverskoy Blvd (free admission 7 pm – 12.00 am).

«Museum Night» at 25 Petrovka Street:

I. Guided tours:

  • The history of the architectural monument of the end of ХVIII century «Gubin’s Mansion».
    The main venue of Moscow Museum of Modern Art is an important architectural monument. dating back to XVIII century, which came to be known as Gubin’s Mansion. It used to belong to Mikhail P. Gubin, a merchant and a successful industrialist. The building was erected by famous Russian architect Matvey Kazakov in 1793.
  • Guided tour of the experimental display «Etude to Art Object».
    Large-scale project “Etude to Art Object” is an experimental display focused on works by Russian artists from the Museum’s permanent collection. The display consists of more than three hundred works executed in various media: from traditional painting, graphics, sculpture and photography to kinetic objects and video installations. In direct proximity, artists are arrayed who often seem to stand at polar extremities in terms of their creative intentions. Among them are: AES+F, Alexander Archipenko, Konstantin Batynkov, Leonid Borisov, Pavel Chistyakov, Semyon Faibisovich, Andrey Goncharov, Eduard Gorokhovsky, Andrey Grositsky, Francisco Infante, Vyacheslav Koleychuk, Valery Koshlyakov, Oleg Kulik, Mikhail Larionov, Igor Makarevich, Kazimir Malevich, Tatyana Nazarenko, Timur Novikov, Viktor Pivovarov, George Pousenkoff, Leonid Purygin, Oskar Rabin, Aidan Salakhova, Vasili Shukhaev, Sergey Shutov, Igor Snegur, Vinogradov and Dubosarsky, Dmitry Zhilinsky, and many others.
Guided tours are free, but availability is limited. To book a guided tour please call: +7(495)231-44-06. Contact person: Yekaterina Kuzmina. The duration of the tour is 1h20min.

II. The following shows will be open for visitors at 25 Petrovka Street:

  • Kirill Danelia «The Greatest Hits» (3-rd floor) – painting, mixed media objects;
  • Andrey Dillendorf «Sculpture. Graphics» (1-st floor, halls № 2, 3, 4) – sculptures and graphic works.

III. Special events:

  • 20:00-21:30 – meeting with Kirill Daneli;
    An artist and a successful gallerist, professional tattooist, fascinated by American cars of the 1950s and Harley Davidson motorcycles, a bourgeois and a father, Kirill Danelia is a man of versatile creativity, which determined the key meridians of his life. Danelia reinvents the traditional genre of still life. He creates a unique marvelous world using absolutely mundane functional things, like billiards, frames of musical instruments, records, burnt coffee pots, chairs, tins, old playing cards or match boxes. Devoid of their materiality, objects turn into symbols, they acquire “a nostalgic aura”. Time and memory are the artist’s important motifs. Meet the artist and find out more about the artist’s approaches to the creative process at the meeting with him.
  • 21:00-22:00 – meeting with Andrey Dillendorf;
    Andrey Dillendorf (b. 1936) is a sculptor, a master of decorative symbolic forms and unexpected spatial decisions, and a member of Moscow Artists’ Union. Andrey Dillendorf's works are conserved in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in a number of Russian state museums, as well as in private collections in Russia, the USA, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and other countries. Meet the artists and learn more about the art of Andrey Dillendorf, presented in the halls of the museum.
  • 22:00 – performance by «Only Brothers» group;
    A group of artists – graduates of Dmitri Krymov’s studio (2003-2008) and artists-actors of D. Krymov laboratory in «School of Dramatic art” drama school – will recreate the atmosphere of an artist’s studio. The viewers will be watching the creation of art objects evoked by works from “Etude to Art Object” display;
  • 23:00 – performance by Andrey Terehov «Supremachine» (hall № 43);
    Serious study of suprematist compositions and paintings lead Andrey Terehov to the creation of a collection of costumes – a radically ironic manifestation of contemporary fashion industry. The title “SupreMachine” derives from the Latin word “supreme”, which denotes “best, excellent, magnificent”. Supremachine is an installation created by the artist to transform self-less, soul-less ready-made humans into happy, beautiful, vivacious people, whose sole aim is art creation.
  • 00:00 – performance «Fairy-tale Cube» (hall № 43);
    this is a joint project of A. Ludohovsky and graduates of Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). The performance takes place in a closed space – a small illuminated parchment cube. The cube is lit from within, and the characters appear on its walls. «Fairy Tale Cube» is a shadow theatre performance. The interplay if light and shade transforms traditional plots, it appeals to the viewers’ imagination, evoking new unconventional associations.
  • 00:30 – concert-performance by Sasha Frolova «AQUAAEROBIKA» in the museum patio.
    Sasha Frolova, Moscow-based artist and the student of Andrey Bartenev, will make her appearance as a “cartoony” silicon blonde character, a universal superwoman of the future. «AQUAAERОBIKA» mixes electro-pop, disco-house, 8bit, and avant-garde semi-abstract texts with bright performances, based on post-modern imagery.

«Museum Night» at 9 Tverskoy Blvd:

Special events within the personal show by Claudia Rogge, organized in conjunction with pARTnerproject gallery:

  • 20:00-21:15 – meeting with Claudia Rogge and David Galloway, the curator of the show;
    Claudia Rogge, a famous photographer from Düsseldorf, will share her trade secrets with the visitors, her impression of her first personal show in Russia, and her future artistic projects. The meeting will be held at the venue of Moscow Museum of Modern art, where around 30 large-scale photographs and installations are presented as part of her “Retrospective” show. David Galloway, the curator of the show, will speak about Claudia Rogge’s artistic methods and underlying social ideas. The works by Claudia Rogge explore the theme of the individual and the crowd. In composing her intricate photographic ensembles, Claudia Rogge is simultaneously ringmaster, choreographer, and collagist. Each new series of works typically begins with all-night sessions in which the artist takes as many as 10.000 individual photos, later assembling selected images on the computer to give the impression of single moments in a group performance. In fact, Rogge asks each of her solo players to demonstrate the same simple tasks or motions. Dance, theater and – above all – opera are major sources of inspiration here.
  • 21:30-22:30 – concert by Artem Yakushenko, ex-member of “White Ostrog” band (electric violin).
    The second part of the program opens with the concert by Artem Yakushenko, organized by pARTnerproject gallery. Artem is a talented musician and composer, best known for his work in the artistic duet “White Ostrog” («Two Siberians»), as well as his solo work. A master electric violin player, a graduate of Irkutsk College of Arts, he has achieved recognition across Russia and abroad. Artem is a virtuoso player, making his violin sound like a marimba, an electric guitar, or a balalaika. http://www.myspace.com/artshenk