The MMOMA publishing programme records and archives the work of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, since its foundation. Numerous publications reflecting the current artistic process in Russia and abroad have been released as part of the programme. These include works devoted to the MMOMA collection, exhibition catalogues, and monographs by leading contemporary Russian and foreign artists.

One can learn about the museum's collection in guidebooks from the Twenty-Five series, in catalogues of thematic exhibitions From Studios to Art Object, Open Doors Day: Mansion, Gymnasium, Clinic, Museum, and Art is Art is Art. The large-scale research exhibition projects are discussed in the three volumes of History of Russian Video Art, Impossible Community, Paths of German Art from 1949 to Today, as well as in the issues of the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. Publications for the solo exhibitions of Joseph Beuys, Juan Miró, Stefan Balkenhol, Jaume Plens, Markus Lüpertz, Eduard Steinberg, Yuri Albert, Andrei Bartenev, Aidan Salakhova, Ivan Novikov, Ivan Plyushch are of particular interest. So are the publications for the retrospective shows of the groups Art or Death, New Artists, and Champions of the World.

All the publications are available in the MMOMA ART BOOKSHOP and in the public library in the MMOMA Education Centre.

A full list of books and electronic catalogues of some of the exhibition projects can be found at the MMOMA website.

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