Mikhail Maksimov. Continuous Response.
Михаил Максимов «Непрерывный ответ». Цифровой коллаж. 2021.
Михаил Максимов Конструкция №1». Видеоинсталляция. 2021.
Date: April 28 — June 20, 2021
Venue: Vadim Sidur Museum, 37A, Novogireevskaya street

The Vadim Sidur Museum and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present a solo exhibition by Mikhail Maksimov «Continuous Response».

Entering the Museum space, Mikhail Maksimov initiates a dialogue with the heritage of Vadim Sidur, whose artistic reflection of the 1960s addressed the issues of war experience, violence and human tragedy. These problems still unresolved today have fallen under the notice of Maksimov in this art project.

Leaving the exhibition space virtually unchanged, the artist plunges the visitor into a borderline psychic state. In his work «em ot tseretni on fo si elpoep tuohtiw dlrow ehT», the boundaries of the gallery space extend, and come back again, so that this motion, on the one hand, points to an act of violence that is being perpetrated by an individual somewhere, and comes as a response on the other. As a follow-up, Maksimov’s video installations dwell on the relations of the terrorist and their victim. The mechanics of violence is visualised through the metaphor of the «well of pain», with everyday objects acquiring the quality of traumatic weapons.
The «Continuous Response» project is the way to mirror our social reality through art; it declares the need to address the issue of violence.

About the artist:

Mikhail Maksimov (b. 1974 г., Moscow), artist, alumnus of the A. Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Participant of different exhibitions and film festivals, including the projects of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art; prize-winner of the Ultra Short Film Festival (ESF), 2012, the Burning News exhibition, London, UK, Hayward Gallery, 2014, MANIFESTA 10, 2014; Moscow International Film Festival 2013, 2014, winner of the Kansk Video Festival, 2014, award of the International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts Spirit of Fire, 2018, Humanity Extraction, CCI FABRIKA, solo exhibition, 2018. Participant of 71th Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), 2018, 35th Hamburg Short Film Festival (Germany), 2019, Riga Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2020, Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2020. His works are in the collections of the NCCA. the MAMM and private collections.