Ekaterina Iushkevich together with Yegor Tsvetkov. FLOWER SHOP
Date: July 01 - August 15, 2021
Venue: Vadim Sidur Museum, Novogireevskaya 37A

Vadim Sidur Museum and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present Flower Shop, a joint project by artists Ekaterina Iushkevich and Yegor Tsvetkov. The exhibition continues the series of projects of the Vadim Sidur Museum, dedicated to the history of the Perovo and Novogireevo districts through the study of archival materials and direct engagement with the memories of the local population.

Ekaterina Yushkevich’s research focuses on the flower shop Zeleny Prospect (russ. Green Avenue), which was opened in 1986 in the same building as the Vadim Sidur Museum. The flower shop closed in 2016, but its memory is still preserved both in the stories told by the former customers, who still call this place «our little shop», and in physical objects — flower pots that are still found today in the apartments of Perovo and Novogireevo district dwellers.

The exhibition will explore the history of the flower shop through a series of video works and materials from the personal archives of the store’s former employees and local residents. At the heart of the exhibition the visitors will find an installation of fresh flowers, replenished every week with new plants purchased from local flower retailers.

Combining Vadim Sidur’s sculptures and fragile floral compositions in one space, Iushkevich not only actualizes the history of the neighborhood of the Museum and Zeleny Prospect, but also draws attention to different conceptions of temporality. The gesture of laying flowers at the monument connects the eternal and the transitory in the cultural-historical field.

Through this project, the artist also draws viewers’ attention to the current problems of interaction between large and small floral businesses, in which an elaborate system is contrasted with an attention to personal contacts and stories. This will be the main theme of an extensive public program, prepared specially for the project together with the residents of the district of Perovo and Novogireevo. It will include a workshop on flower arrangements, lectures, discussions and performances.

Ekaterina Iushkevich (born 1987) is an artist from St. Petersburg who works with the themes of history, memory, and the medium of archival amateur photography. Her recent projects include The First Letter is L., Good Story and others. Iushkevich graduated from the Moscow Polytechnic University with a degree in engineering of thermal and nuclear power plants. She also studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2016) and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences in St. Petersburg State University (2021). Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in Yekaterinburg (2017) and Vladivostok (2018), with Ekaterina Iushkevich taking part in outstanding group projects in cities in Russia, Belarus, Spain, etc. Ekaterina Iushkevich is the author of curatorial, educational and interdisciplinary projects.