Anna Rotaenko. Ringtone
Анна Ротаенко. Векторная графика. Из серии "Рингтон". Фрагмент, 2020
Анна Ротаенко. Векторная графика. Из серии "Рингтон". Фрагмент, 2020
Анна Ротаенко. Векторная графика. Из серии "Рингтон". Фрагмент, 2020
Анна Ротаенко. Эскиз инсталляции, 2020
Date: July 22 — August 23, 2020
Venue: Vadim Sidur Museum, 37A Novogireevskaya Street


The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Vadim Sidur Museum present Anna Rotaenko’s project «Ringtone», in which the artist continues to study the local context of the Perovo district. In her installation, through the use of rolled metal materials, which for long time served practical needs, the artist appeals to the historical memory of the district, which is one of the largest industrial zones in Moscow.

Rotaenko is inspired by Vadim Sidur’s ideas embodied in his compositions from the «Coffin-art» series. Anticipating the future, Sidur’s sculptures, created from found objects, speak of the contradictions of the modern civilization, which have not yet been resolved. The sculptor’s use of objects that were thrown away by people evoke a sense of uselessness, of being removed from society, which Sidur, who was driven out of the Soviet art scene by the authorities, experienced himself.

Exploring the idea of artist as a repeater or a recycler, Anna Rotaenko makes her installation out of used metal structures, which have their own voice at the exhibition. Alarm, ringtone, heartbeat, a beat on the battery — these sounds, as the background noise, refer to the sculptor’s war experience. An automatic belfry made out of pipes makes a tapping sound, produced by motors controlled by a microprocessor, in real time following the bell-ringing rhythm. In this industrial installation Rotaenko’s graphic works outline the connections between the project’s different parts.

Turning to the heritage of human material culture, the artist gives new functions and meaning to used objects inviting to look at the material world from a humanistic point of view.

About the artist:

Anna Rotaenko (b. 1990) is an artist and a composer. She lives and works in Moscow. Rotaenko studied at the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia (2016 — 2018), Maskeliade Music School (2018), Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art (2015 — 2016) and the «Free Workshops» School of Contemporary Art (2014 — 2015). Rotaenko participated in group exhibitions and festivals including the Wrong Biennale ( — 2019), Inrocks festival, «La Gaite Lyrique» (Paris — 2018), ELECTRO- MECHANICA XIII, International Multimedia Festival (St. Petersburg, 2018), VII Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2017), V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art «Deep Inside» (Moscow, 2016) and others. Solo exhibitions: «Magic precautions» (Cité internationale des arts, Paris, 2019), «Iznanka» (MMOMA, Moscow, 2016), «Waiting hall» (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2015).

Awards and nominations:

Nomination «New Generation» and French Institute Prize at the Innovation Award, 2019
Nomination «Best Media Object», Sergey Kurekhin Award, 2018
The winner of the Garage Museum Grant Program for Artists, 2018/2019
Laureate of the Dostoevsky List «The most relevant photographers of Russia and
Ukraine», 2016