Rebels at the Edge
Contemporary Art in Vladivostok. 1960s-2010s
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Date: September 5 — October 8, 2017
Venue: MMOMA, 9 Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow

Curators: Alisa Bogdanaite, Vera Glazkova

Architecture by Archiproba Studios

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art presents an exhibition titled «Rebels at the Edge: Contemporary Art in Vladivostok. 1960s-2010s» which aims to acquaint Moscow audiences with the development of contemporary art in Primorye through works created by both young artists and the pioneers of Vladivostok nonconformist art.

Despite the fact that Vladivostok is located on the periphery and until 1992 remained closed for both Soviets and foreigners, the city’s environment was favorable for the emergence and further flourishing of nonconformist art, free of the conventions of socialist realism. Following the concept of the curators Alisa Bogdanaite and Vera Glazkova, the exhibition aims to trace the history of unofficial art in Primorye and bring out the artistic scene of the remote region.
The exhibition in MMOMA presents works of 20 artists including Viktor Fedorov, Alexander Pyrkov, Alexander Kiryakhno, Fedor Morozov, Gennady Omelchenko, Yury Sobchenko, Mikhail Pavin, Ilyas Zinatulin amongst others rendered in the media of painting, graphics, video and installation. Bringing together works from both public and private collections, including those of the Primorye State Art Gallery and the Arka gallery, which is one of the oldest private galleries of contemporary art in Vladivostok, the current show is a continuation of the project of the same title shown in the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in November 2015. This is an extensive survey of contemporary art in Primorye, which begins with the nonconformists’ first works created in the 1960s and extends up to the neomodernist movements of the late 20th — early 21st centuries, demonstrating the path of Vladivostok artists from the aesthetics of socialist realism to daring formal experiments.

Alexander Mechetin, the founder of the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art:
«Rebels at the Edge» is a remarkable retrospective art-project, which vividly evidences the interconnection of time and space in art. I am very pleased that having enjoyed the well-deserved attention it received in the Far East, «Rebels at the Edge» will now be shown in Moscow.

Alisa Bagdonaite, the chief curator of Zarya Center for Contemporary Art:
While working on the exhibition, the primary concern for us was not only to bring together and systematize information on art from the region but to apprehend and bring out the independent, lively, mixed, and utterly articulate artistic scene. Our hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that since the 2014 show in Vladivostok, new artists and projects have come to the surface, to whom we should be paying attention, thus in the Moscow version of the exhibition it is a new generation and emerging names that we focus on.

The exhibition is held as part of the Parallel Program of the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair which in accordance with tradition will take place from 9–11 September 2016 at Gostiny Dvor, Moscow.

The Zarya Center for Contemporary Art was opened in Vladivostok in 2013 on the initiative of Alexander Mechetin, Russian entrepreneur, art patron, the founder and co-owner of the largest spirits producer in Russia BELUGA GROUP. The Zarya Center is located on the territory of the Zarya creative cluster in a former Soviet garment factory. The Center seeks to bring to Primorye the greatest achievements of contemporary culture from across Russia and the world and support the local artistic community. Starting from the second half of 2014 Zarya holds an art-residency program which offers to artists from Russia and abroad an opportunity to create in Vladivostok projects to reflect the cultural and natural context of the region.

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