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Biennale of Italian Art Lyceums
One, One Hundred, One Thousand Journeys
Date: JUNE, 14 — JULY 7, 2019

Curators: Anasasia Maltseva, Olga Turchina

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, together with Embassy of Italy in Moscow, Italian Cultural Institute and the Russian Academy of Arts, presents II Biennale of Italian Art Lyceums that brings young Italian artists to the Russian public. The exhibition in MMOMA is the result of fruitful cultural cooperation between Russia and Italy.

One, One Hundred, One Thousand Journeys is a project consisting of 45 artworks united by the single topic of a journey. The young artists rethought this subject in terms of sculpture, drawings, installations, and video art, touching upon such acute questions as migration, historical memory, and personal aspect of traveling as taking a journey to one’s inner world. The very notion of a journey is indispensably connected to the artistic process: every artist goes a thorny path of creation, presenting his/her works to the viewers and sharing with them thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Such initiatives play an important role in MMOMA’s activities as giving support to young artists prepares a fertile ground for art development. Historically, The Academy of Arts used to send to Italy its most talented alumni. The attraction between the two cultures and common pedagogical approaches to rising talents brought to this world a great number of historical monuments. The opportunity to share art with a broad public gives a huge impulse for young artists to grow further. Youth is the time for one to make experiments, find his/her way and understand the opportunities at hand. The participation in the exhibition may become a starting point for the artists in finding their direction to move further in art. The chance for an artistic expression gives the young artists a feeling of belonging to the global culture. The topic of a journey is liable to various interpretations depending on the personal experiences of traveling to various places. Every narrative, that is any artwork, has a polemical nature. The artists analyze our versatile world using their pragmatic and cognitive sources and transfer their experiences and discoveries to the viewers.

Part to the exhibition, MMOMA has issued a catalog with a foreword by Italian minister of education Marco Bussetti. The project is realized with the support of Mikro Kapital company.