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Moscow Museum of Modern Art
The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops

Workshop 20’19. Dismorphophobia, or the war within your mind
Adonai Kaf, Untitled
From the series Demonization of feminism and postgender
Photography, collage, digital drawing
Kirill Kipyatkov
Morning on the Red Square
Acrylic on canvas, reflective materials
From the Beautiful Simulations series
Four portraits of my complexes. Nails
Anastasia Kovaleva, Polina Stadnik
Scan from the colour negative, digital print
Anna Rotaenko
Never me
Performance documentation
Lena Vazhenina
digital printing
Sofya Astashova
Love my Ana
Roi Group
Date: July, 7 — September 15, 2019
Venue: MMOMA on Petrovka 25, 3d floor

Curator: Daria Kamyshnikova, Svetlana Dorogina, Oxana Chvyakina, Lusya Yangirova

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops present a collective project by emerging artists Workshop 20’19. Dismorphophobia, or the war within your mind.

This year curator and head of Free Workshops Daria Kamyshnikova suggested artists reflect on the mechanisms that cause dismorphophobia (body dysmorphic disorder): an obsessive feeling of having a physical drawback. The artistic research resulted in a large-scale exhibition in MMOMA on Petrovka, 25 that reveals the destructive relationships between a person and his/her body.

«I wonder if there are people on earth who can affirm without any touch of guile that they are perfectly content with their body and appearance. It’s highly unlikely. The whole history of civilization, society, and culture is governed by standards of beauty.» — the project’s curator Daria Kamyshnikova stresses that in these days, with their permanent and almost instant access to information, their mass dependence on approval in social networks, the problem of self-representation comes to the fore.

When an exaggerated dependence on public opinion and reaction combines with a genetic susceptibility one may suffer from dismorphophobia. Rejection of one’s corporality may manifest itself in various forms, such as anorexia, bulimia, tattoo and plastic surgery addictions, and even aсts of damaging a person’s own body (known as self-harm).

An attempt to analyze dismorphophobia within the frames of Workshop 20’19 demonstrates that «that the war goes on in the minds, while the body surface is just a territory under attack.» Dismorphophobia, or the war within your mind is a research project that gives artists an opportunity to elaborate on the problem that concerns all of us. The characters presented in the artworks, either artists themselves, imaginary personalities that sublimate various manifestations of body dysmorphic disorder or real people, openly declare the claims they have against their bodies and let the audience into an intimate and non-public world of their personal complexes and experiences that feed their body aversion. Each artwork is both a statement and a confession that exceeds personal boundaries and brings us to outer social contexts.

The Workshop project is held annually by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the MMOMA Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art since 2001. Every year the show brings public attention to the new names on the Russian art scene. Traditionally, students and alumna of the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops also participate in this project.


Sofya Astashova, Anastasia Belova, Elena Belyanina, Zhanar Bereketova, Olga Bueva, Lena Vazhenina, Diana Galimzyanova and Katia Bondar, Evgeniya Gorskaya, Natalia Grezina, Kuzma Grigoryev, Maria Grishina, Zakhar Davydov, Anastasia Denisova and Maria Alina, Ksenia Dranysh, Evgeniya Dudnikova, Polina Egorushkina, Natalia Ershova, Anastasia Zhegal, Ekaterina Zhingel and Daria Iaromenok, Aleksey Zhuravlev, Gala Izmaylova and Tamara Shipitsina, Veronika Kalacheva, Adonai Kaf, Kirill Kipyatkov, Anastasia Kovaleva and Polina Stadnik, Ilya Kolesnikov, Yulia Krivozubova, Ksenia Kudasova, Anna Kuznetsova-Smertina, Aleksandra Kuryanova, Elena Lipatova, Anton Loskutov, Maria Lykova, Anna Malenkova, Natalia Mikhalycheva, Maria Obukhova, Uliyana Podkorytova, Ekaterina Popchenko, Maxett Pribylov, “Roi” art group (Anna Butenko, Antonina Gorbenko, Varvara Grankova, Lyuba Sautina, Victoria Khrenova), Anna Rotaenko, Anastasia Sviridenko, Oksana Serbina, Polina Siniatkina, Alisa Smorodina, Mari Sokol, Aleksander Sokolov, Victoria Solodova, Ksenia Strekoza, Yana Strizhevskaya, Gayane Tavakalova, Aleksander Tarasenko, Elizaveta Tokareva, Ira TT, Denis Uranov, Vasiliy Khariusov, Konstanin Tsokur, Yanina Chernykh, Alina Chichikova, Oleg Chumakov, Ivan Shchukin, Alisa Emke, Elena Yamlikhanova, Alessandra Ziembicki Vaiano

About the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops

The Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art is an educational platform for young artists and curators working in the field of contemporary art. The school was set up by a group of artists and art historians as part of the Museum in 1992. The school’s students study theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary art under renowned lecturers, prominent figures of culture, philosophers and theorists of contemporary art. The school offers its support to young artists at different stages of their artistic career through organizing group and solo exhibitions and acquiring their works for the museum’s collection.