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Тимофей Радя. ВСЁ ЭТО НЕ СОН. 2017
Timofey Radya. ALL THAT AIN’T A DREAM. 2017
Полина Канис. Процедура. 2016
Polina Kanis. The Procedure. 2016
Александра Паперно. Любовь к себе среди руин. 2017
Alexandra Paperno. Self-Love Among the Ruins. 2017
Микро-арт-группа Город Устинов. Частицы. 2017
Micro art group “Ustinov City”. Particles. 2017
Евгений Антуфьев. Когда искусство становится частью ландшафта. Части I, II, III. 2016–2018
Evgeny Antufiev. When art became part of the landscape. Parts I, II, III. 2016–2018
Date: October 9 - November 17, 2019

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The short list of the Kandinsky Prize will be announced late in October, whereas the names of the winners will be out at the official award ceremony to be held at MMOMA (25, Petrovka Str.) on November 13, 2019.

After two rounds of voting of the Expert Committee the long list of the Prize contains 30 nominees. 15 art projects are nominated for «Project of the Year», 10 art projects are nominated for «Young Artist. Project of the Year», 5 research works are nominated for «Scholar Research. History and Theory of Contemporary Art».

Here are the nominees (in alphabetical order):


1. Evgeny Antufiev When Art Became Part of Landscape. Part I, II and III.
2. Alexander Brodsky Red Carpet. Dmitry Venkov Hymns of Muscovy
4. Pavel Otdelnov Psychozoic Era
5. Polina Kanis Procedure
6. Irina Korina Not Only about You
7. Taus Makhacheva BaidÀ
8. Taus Makhacheva Dear R., R., K., S.,
M., A., S., S., K., I., G., L., A., A., L., P.,
G., I., D., D., M., S., B., O., F., F., R., D.,
M., E., L., I., F., L., A., M., T., K., K., L., L.
9. Taus Makhacheva ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) Spa
10. MishMash art group SuperJew. Rumours of Hideoism
11. Alexander Morozov Akchim. Coordinates 60°28 ′35′ N 58°02′53 E
12. Alexandra Paperno Self-Love Among Ruins
13. Sasha Pirogova Garden
14. PROVMYSA art group Post-Mortem Chronography
15. Haim Sokol Paper Memory


1. Evgeny Antufiev Immortality Forever: Leo Tolstoy’s Rooms
2. Ian Ginsburg Mechanical Beetle
3. Kirill Gluschenko Crown
4. Gorod Ustinov art group Particles
5. Egor Kraft Ákkta
6. Asya Marakulina Room to Rest
7. Dmitry Morozov ::vtol:: 12262
8. Albina Mokhryakova Kaegkha
9. Timofey Radya All This is Not a Dream
10. Kirill Savchenkoo Ch(K)ris(tin). Close Air Support


1. Joseph Bakshtein Articles and Dialogues
2. Evgeny Barabanov Metageometry of the Artist Steinberg
3. Igor Ponosov Art and City
4. Margarita Tupitsyna Moscow Vanguard Art: 1922 —1992
5. Andrey Khlobystin Schizorevolution. Essays on St.-Petersburg Culture of the Second Half of the 20th Century

Expert Committee of the nominations PROJECT OF THE YEAR and YOUNG ARTIST. PROJECT OF THE YEAR

Naila Allahverdiyeva
Art critic, curator, art director of the Museum of Modern Art PERMM, winner of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in the Best curator’s project nomination (2013) and of the Perm Region Prize in Culture and Art (2018), Perm

Alisa Bagdonaite
Head curator of the Zaria Centre for Modern Art (Vladivostok); co-founder of the Modern Young Art Gallery Triangle, Vladivostok—Moscow

Sergey Balandin
Artist, curator, art critic, Samara-based actionist, research fellow of the Victoria Gallery, Samara

Irina Gorlova
Art historian, Head of Contemporary Art Department of the State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow

Antonio Geusa
Ph D, independent curator and art critic, field of study — media art and Russian video art, Moscow

Andrey Erofeev
Art historian, curator, art critic, co-chair of the Russian Section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), Moscow

Anna Zaitseva
Curator, Deputy Director in charge of Exhibitions of the Мultimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Anastasia Kuryokhina
President of Sergey Kuryokhin Charity Foundation and Prize, Saint-Petersburg

Maria Nasimova
Chief curator of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow

Aleksey Novoselov
Deputy director in charge of Permanent Collections and Exhibitions of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Anatoly Osmolovsky
Artist, art theorist, curator, winner of the Kandinsky Prize 2007 as the Artist of the Year, founder and rector of the Baza Institute of Contemporary Art , Moscow

Nikolay Palazhchenko
Art historian, curator, art critic, art manager, curator of the Art Management and Gallery Business faculty of the RMA Business School, representative of the Art Basel International Art Fair in Russia, Moscow

Sergey Popov
Art historian, curator, founder of the pop/off/art gallery, Moscow

Kirill Preobrazhensky
Artist, curator, professor, in charge of the Video Art workshop at the Rodchenko School, Moscow

Kirill Svetlyakov
Ph D in Art history, curator, art critic, senior specialist in Contemporary Art in the Management Department of the State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow

Elena Selina
Curator, founder of the XL and XL Projects gallery, Moscow

Olga Turchina
Art historian, curator, senior research fellow of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Svetlana Usoltseva
Curator, Head of the Art Programmes Department of the NCCA Ural Branch, Ekaterinburg

Sabina Chagina
Curator, co-founder of the Atmosphere Biennale of Street Wave Art and the eponymous art group, Moscow

Evgenia Chaika
Curator, Deputy Director of the NCCA Ural Branch, Ekaterinburg

Olga Shishko
Art historian, curator, head of the Cinematic and Media Arts Department of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, director of the MediaArtLab Centre for Art and Culture, Moscow


Nikolay Molok
Ph D in Art History, chief editor of the «Art History» journal, Moscow

Alexandra Obukhova
Art historian, Head of Research Department of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Daria Pyrkina
Ph D in Art History, art critic, curator, head of the Education Programmes Department of the State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow

Alla Rosenfeld
Ph D and Habilitation in Art History, curator of Russian and European art, Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, New-York

Andrey Fomenko
Ph D and Habilitation in Art History, critic of contemporary art and film critic, professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of the Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg


The Organizing Committee of the Prize received in 2019 636 applications from 73 cities and towns of Russia including Nizhniy Tagil, Irkutsk, Nakhodka, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Gudermes and many others. Among them were 294 applications for the Project of the year nomination, 330 applications for the Young artist. Project of the year nomination, and 12 applications for the Scholar research. History and theory of contemporary art nominations. The scholar nomination which allows participation not only from Russian but also from foreign nationals received applications also from USA and the Czech Republic.

BREUS FOUNDATION is an international cultural trust that supports and promotes contemporary art in Russia and abroad. Part of the Foundation is the Kandinsky Prize — an independent Russian prize in contemporary art established in 2007. The mission of the Prize is to discover new and interesting projects and talented and promising artists, to support and unravel their creative potential, and to strengthen the positions of the Russian contemporary art at home and abroad. The Prize is among the touchstones determining the trends of artistic development in Russia and exerts significant influence on its cultural and aesthetical substance.

BREUS collection is a significant repository of the Russian contemporary art of the second half of the 20th and the first half of the 21st century. The Foundation’s collection includes iconic works by prominent Russian artists. It is widely used for different exhibitional purposes.

The editorial program BREUS Publishing specializes in publishing monographs about contemporary Russian artists and books on history and theory of modern Russian art. The book series NEW CLASSICS, an important part of the editorial program, is dedicated to the most significant Russian artists of our time who even today can be labeled as ’new classics’.