Moscow City Government
Moscow City Department for Culture
Russian Academy of Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Now&After’12 Festival
Date: May, 24th till June, 13th 2012
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 25 Petrovka str.

Curator: Marina Fomenko

Now&After’12 takes place the second time in Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The topic of this year is "SUPER-SUPER CITY".

The modern city is more than just a thickly settled agglomeration of architectural and engineering structures. It is a metropolis, absorbing millions of inhabitants. It is a settlement subordinated to the logic of industrial development. It is a small town, where time glides. It is a habitat that have known better days and unneeded now.

According to the rules of formal logic a double statement is not a denial, but merely reinforces the statement. However, contrary to logic, whether a double statement is a denial or a statement depends on intonation. The intonation is determined by an artist.

"Super-super city", what does it mean for you?

Is it a cosmopolitan city or a small patriarchal town that keeps up their traditions?
Is it the natural habitat of a modern man or above all a set of «places of universal communication» (airports, subways, large supermarkets), where, according to Baudrillard, «people are deprived of their citizenship, nationality, their territory»?
Is it a monotony of contemporary urbanism or a futuristic project?
Is it loneliness in a crowd or togetherness of different?
Is it a poetic urban landscape or the life of society around us?
Is there an alternative to the city?
Is «super-super city» a heyday or a decadence?

Competitive programme

Recep Akar, Turkey
Juliana Alvarenga, Brazil
Brit Bunkley, New Zealand
Orit Adar Bechar, Israel
Ezra Wube, Usa
Alexey Dmitriev, Russia
Aditi Kulkarni, India
Nina Kurtela, Germany
Natalia Magdalena, Brazil
Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Russia
Roman Mokrov, Russia
Joas Sebastian Nebe, Germany
Lucia Nimcova, Slovakia
Margaret Rorison, Usa
Natalia Skobeyeva, Russia/uk
Sam Sprekley, Uk
Haim Sokol, Russia
Christopher Steadman, Germany
Pedro Ferreira, Portugal
Maria Kharitonova, Russia
Youki Hirakawa, Japan
Oksana Chepelyk, Ukraine
Marina Chernikova,Russia
Nikki Schuster, Germany

Non-competitive programme

Tatiana Ahmetgaliyeva, Michaela Muchina, Russia-germany
Viktoria Ilyushkina, Maya Popova, Russia
Adam Kossoff, Uk
Wojciech Oleinik, Sarah Jane Gorlits, Canada
Noemi Sjoberg, Spain
Benjamin R. Taylor, Canada
Lucia Ferreira Litowschenko, Uruguay
Marina Fomenko, Russia