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Moscow City Government
Moscow City Department of Culture
Russian Academy of Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
supported by
Embassy of Sweden in Russia
Uppsala Mayor’s Office

present a special project as part of The 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Swedish Family
Date: September 27 – October 25, 2009
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 25 Petrovka Street, 3rd floor
Opening: September 26, 7 pm

Curators: Helena Laukkanen, Natasha Dahnberg, Anna-Karin Brus, Katarina Sundkvist Zohari, Agneta Forslund

Curator Natasha Dahnberg on «Swedish Family» project:

The idiom «Swedish family» makes people in Russia smile ambiguously. When Swedes get to know the connotation that the idiom has in the eastern neighbor’s language, they are very surprised and try to find an explanation.
At first, the idea of the exhibition has appeared as a joke during the joint exhibitions of the artists of both countries. Only later it has become clear that the theme of the family, be it Russian or Swedish, is characteristic of many artists’ oeuvres. The theme can unite as well as separate. The initiators and curators of the exhibition are the Uppsala haka group that unites five artists: Helena Laukkanen, Natasha Dahnberg, Anna-Karin Brus, Katarina Sundkvist Zohari, and Agneta Forslund.

We have tried to invite the authors who touch upon different aspects of the theme in their art, to take part in the exhibition. The most important thing is to explore what is contemporary family. Is it a single mother waiting for spousal support, or a homosexual couple with kids from previous marriages, or a refugee family applying for residence permit... or a young couple who has given birth to two kids and bought a new house, or happy older husband and wife surrounded by children and relatives, or a childless couple who has adopted twins?

Relationships in the family are the very part of the research that has the largest space. Many artists open their private lives to the audience and narrate the story of their families.

The research of the family is done using various methods. The exhibition presents documentations of performances, installations, primers, pencil drawings, sculptures and embroidery artworks... We have selected the authors who use very different forms of the contemporary artistic language.

We have to speak about different things in different ways. Here there is a little bit of everything, like in any family.

Participants of «Swedish Family» project:

Tatiana Antoshina
Catti Brandelius
Anna-Karin Brus
Natasha Dahnberg
Per Enoksson
Marina Fomenko
Agneta Forslund
Taisia Korotkova
Maria Krasnova-Shabaeva
Anders Krisár
Nika Kukhtina
Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf
Helena Laukkanen
Vladimir Mishukov
Roland Persson
Maria Pogorzhelskaia
Alexander Pogorgelsky
Katarina Sundkvist Zohari
Nina Svensson
Johan Thurfjell
Knutte Wester
Natalia Zintsova


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