Nadezhda Likhogrud. Memory Full
Date: November 29, 2022 – February 5, 2023
Venue: ММОМА 25 Petrovka, 1st floor

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the SAMPLE online gallery are proud to present Memory Full, a solo exhibition by Nadezhda Likhogrud. This is the fourth of six collaborative projects of the museum and the gallery. The project reflects on the memory features and its heterogeneity in the face of rapid information flows.
The artist combines academic and craft skills with contemporary art practices. In the Memory Full exhibition, the classical form is synthesized with recollections of her post-Soviet childhood as well as with contemporary reality of social media. Thus, the Saved series reminds both a gallery of saved photos on the phone and a Soviet tile. The Highlights series uses popular app format of a circle. It is also a reference to the round bas-reliefs of the Moscow subway. In this project Nadezhda Likhogrud intentionally abandons color and the Cloud series becomes the quintessence of this aesthetic solution and a metaphor for memory. White volumetric podium covers the space of the large hall just as flashbacks occupy the memory.
All these works are made for the exhibition and are displayed for the first time in two halls of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Petrovka.
About the artist:
Nadezhda Lihogrud is an artist, sculptor, born in Moscow in 1992. Since her childhood she has been engaged in ceramics. She studied under sculptor Leonid Baranov (in 2012) and in Alexander Rukavishnikov’s studio at Surikov Moscow State University of Fine Arts (from 2015 to 2017). She also graduated from the Kosygin Moscow State University of Design, Technology, Art as a costume designer in 2015 and the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art at MMOMA in 2020. Since 2018, she is a member of the Union of Artists and the Russian Academy of Arts. She has participated in Russian and international exhibitions. Her recent projects include: Passengers. Dialogues on landscapes, Triumph Gallery (Moscow, 2022); X-Nowness, Basel Art Center (Basel, 2022); Un escargot sous un chiffon, Tonka Gallery (Paris, 2022); Ceremony: Russian seasons. The wedding, House on Lützowplatz (Berlin, 2021); Solo exhibition Cloud Asylum, Gathering Gallery (Moscow, 2021); Studio 2020. Homo communicans, MMOMA (Moscow, 2020); RaiON.0, Museum of Moscow (Moscow, 2019). Her works are in private collections and museums in Russia and worldwide.
About the SAMPLE Gallery:
SAMPLE is a project that intends to introduce the works and practices of young artists to a wide audience, dispel the stereotype of the inaccessibility of contemporary art and establish a dialogue between young artists and collectors. The gallery focuses on selling artworks, organizing online and offline exhibitions and auctions.