Date: September 9 — October 10, 2022
Venue: ММОМА, 25 Petrovka Street

The SAMPLE online gallery and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present their third out of six collaborative projects, the Environment. This exhibition includes art and design works created by architects, contemporary artisans and artists.

The title of the exhibition, Environment, brings to mind questions about where we live and offers new insights into people’s habitual relationship with space.

The nine halls of the museum are individual imaginary interiors with their own imaginary inhabitants.

These interiors range from the traditional and understandable to the conceptual and abstract. For each room Shahri Amirkhanova (journalist, essayist) has written small texts reflecting the possible existence of her character in these environments. It is as if the character travels in her memory through the rooms, streets and cities where she once lived. Here is the old Georgian house, the playroom, and the loathed room of a former lover. A treasure trove of randomly found objects and a space that a subconscious mind drew in a dream.

Two halls of the exhibition will be occupied not by design objects, but by total art installations imitating abstract interiors or even emphasizing their absence. The visitor is invited to contemplate where the line between art and design is.

Environment is included in the parallel program of blazar and Cosmoscow fall fairs. The project will accompany the launch of a new section of the SAMPLE design gallery.


Pavel Adelev, Gosha Aygunyan, Ekaterina Antoshkina, Daniel Antropov, Roma Bantic, Xenia Brevo, Apollinaria Broche, Artem Bryukhov, Pravda Bureau, Mani Vertigo, Elia Vinokurova, Yaroslava Galaiko, Elizaveta Glushkova, Natasha Goncharova, Alisa Gvozdeva, Alexander Delev, Alexei Dubinsky, Margarita Efimova, Karolina Zhukoff, IP Ivan Popov, Dmitry Kavka, Tina Kazakhishvili, Apollinaria Kaspars, Rodion Kitaev, Polina Koval, Maria Korolyova, Ekaterina Costa, Victoria Kosheleva, Semen Lavdansky, Katya Lyubavskaya, Roman Manikhin, Dana Matkovskaya, Polina Nikolaeva, Alexander Orlov, Angelina Orlova, Dmitry Samygin, Sound Design Laboratory HSE Art AND DESIGN SCHOOL (Artyom Gurinovich, Timofey Kaigorodov, Misha Pozdnyakov, Maxim Spitsyn, Stas Haidarov, Egor Chkonia, Grisha Shmidko), Dinara Sataeva, Elena Semenova, Leonid Sorokin, Maria Sofronova, Milana Khalilova, Milana Khatsukova, Svetlana Tsepkalo, Lena Tsibizova, Varvara Cheltsova, Matvey Shapiro, Nastia Shensnevich, Oyat Shukurov, UN-1-1, annki studio, ARCHIPÉLAGO, ATRIUM, BOOROOM GALLERY (Ksenia Brevo, Alexander Orlov, Elena Semenova, Elena Solovieva), 2075 ceramics, Cheltsoviii, Delo, EBURET, (EDXXKAT), Errring Studio (Alexander Bogomolov, Nikita Gorshkov, Peter Kroshchinskiy, Daniel Shershev, parasiteparasite), Facultative Works, Fresh.glass, Galka, Egor Giwe, Kinetic Levi, Alexey Kio, KOZEEN + RUEDA, LAROQUE ST, LICK MY BRICK, Logua family, MERA makers, Moonka, Palefroi, Romi, Saga, sashaxsasha, Solid Water, Supaform, svod.space, TONY.WWWWW, Weico, Zaretsky.


SAMPLE is a project intended to introduce the works and practices of young artists to a wide audience, to break the stereotype that contemporary art is inaccessible, and to establish a dialogue between young artists and collectors. The main activities of the project are selling works, organizing online and offline exhibitions and auctions.
Since its launch SAMPLE team has sold more than 1500 works, held 12 auctions, taken part in dozens of events and organized a lot of exhibitions. Projects were held at venues in the MMOMA, GUM, Gorky Park Museum, the Moscow City Museum, the Triumph Gallery, and the HSE Gallery. During the quarantine in 2020, SAMPLE held several joint auctions to support other projects — together with the online media The Blueprint, the Museum of Architecture, Richter’s Workshops, and the сцена/szena Gallery.


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