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present a special project as part of
The 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Presentation of the project «Workshop of Feminine Creation. History of Feminine Culture in the Post-Soviet Space, 1989-2009»
Presentation of the project and the electronic version of the book «History of Feminine Creation, 1989-2009»
Curated by: Natalia Kamenetskaya, Oksana Sarkisyan
Date: September 26, 3 pm
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 25 Petrovka Street, room 21

The project «Workshop of Feminine Creation» is to promote the idea of a Museum of Feminine Art in Russia. For now, this idea is an abstract one, but further on it is to be realized in the institutional forms that are most appropriate for the development of feminine art. This interdisciplinary project includes a whole range of events: scientific conferences, creation of a web-portal, exhibitions, archives and catalogue edition. These various activities assist in developing the discourse of problems of feminine art activism and gender reflections. While analyzing the meaning of feminine art in the post-Soviet Russia, the project marks out the perspectives in further work of its support and growth.

The tradition of Russian feminism is related to the idea of social equality of women in the Soviet society. However, the gender theory as it is has started to spread in Russia during the perestroika time, the period of consolidation of democratic freedoms, pluralism and policy of openness. Women artists are in the forefront of this process. Russia gets to know the Western feminism at the end of its heroic period, but experiences it brightly and originally. In post-Soviet Russia, the gender theory becomes an effective instrument of deconstruction of totalitarian ideology and forming of the Russian woman’s new identity. The actual issues at the turn of the 90s are elimination of Soviet myths and study of private spaces, where sensuality is of special importance. In 2000s, feminist art peaks, conditioned by the formation of new identities and emergence of the new generation of women artists on the art scene. The large-scale exhibition «Art of Feminine Gender» (2002) in the Tretyakov Gallery marked the recognition of importance of feminine art. In the last decade, Russian feminine art has focused its attention on the analysis and deconstruction of stereotypes concerning the image of a woman in contemporary mass media. However, organization of feminine art exhibitions is still an initiative of women artists themselves. It has no constant institutional support.

The project is realized by means of governmental support, assigned as a grant according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation (n. 192-RP d/d 14.04.2008).

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