Jolie Alien. Dry Urtica
Date: September 6 — October 16, 2022

Curated by Anastasia Nefedova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art with the support of the a-s-t-r-a gallery present Dry Urtica, an exhibition by artist Jolie Alien. Her first solo museum exhibition includes the artworks of the past years. Alien’s art juxtaposes the contemporary culture symbols with personal myth. The lack of perspective, the imitation of childlike simplicity, the occurrence of fragments of inscriptions and expressiveness, next to surrealistic images, create a special feeling of turbulence.

The original idea for the exhibition at MMOMA was based on the concept of the Garden of Eden in Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. The garden became the starting point and the collective image of the entire project. At some point it itself began to create semantic connections. Growing, mutating, fading and regenerating, it took over the spaces of the exhibition halls. It started a dialogue with the works and went far beyond the connotations of «paradise».

One way or another the gardens are present in the exposition space, weaving their disobedient branches into the very history of the museum building. MMOMA’s venue, the house of Gubin’s house — once a city homestead — used to be surrounded by a garden, a greenhouse, and a pond. The ghost of that history is embodied in the metal frame erected in the large exhibit hall.

In search for an artistic form, Alien turns to the sensory experience and to the experience of today’s reality. The fleeting nature of time and the human desire to capture it with technical devices are the key themes of the last hall. The artist questions statistical control techniques, and gives us a blunt scale of ordered marks designed to determine physical deviations or conformity to regulated norms. The resulting bias becomes part of the statement. It is a significant feature of the individuality of any garden and its inhabitants.


Jolie Alien (born in 2002, Moscow) — is a contemporary artist and model, student at the Joseph Backstein Institute of Contemporary Art, graduate of Moscow Art-Industrial Institute. She participated in contemporary art fairs Cosmoscow and blazer. Alien’s solo exhibitions were held in prominent Moscow galleries, including Cube.Moscow, Richter and a-s-t-r-a gallery. She has collaborated as an artist with Adidas, Mango, Loewe. Her works are in private collections in Russia, America, Belgium and Japan. Lives and works in Moscow, Tokyo, New York.


The a-s-t-r-a gallery project was created by entrepreneur Alina Kryukova in 2018 to promote art and collectiщт among the new generation. a-s-t-r-a is a combination of exhibition and interdisciplinary educational projects aimed at bringing new entrants into the art market. The gallery is located on the premises of the Winzavod Art Center. Since October 2020 it has been a member of the Association of Galleries (Russia).