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Anastassia Bordeau
Flowers of the Night
Anastassia Bordeau «Les fleurs de nuit»
Date: October 16 – November 16, 2008
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 25 Petrovka Street, 1st floor, halls No. 2-3
Opening: October 16, 18:00

For the first time in Russia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art opens a personal exhibition of Anastassia Bordeau. An emerging artist of Russian origin, now based in France, she graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts and the National High School of Fine Arts (ENSBA), Paris. The most significant exhibition in her career was «Salon de mai» in Paris, 2007, where her work was received acknowledgment from her professors, maestros of the French Academy of Arts, as well as honored by the attention of many art connoisseurs.

Poetry of the night city rests in the focus of Anastassia Bordeau? s oeuvre. Her artistic world seems to be just abandoned by man — her pictures may seem cold, but they are always energetic and passionate. The cosmos created by the artist looks like a cinema hall without viewers. In these intense and photographically precise night landscapes, lonely, statuesque and nameless heroines of advertisements and geometrical forms of objects give the feeling of despair, aloofness and menace hidden in humdrum.

The pictures of Anastassia Bordeau belong to the tradition of magic realism; the influence of such artists as Edward Hopper, Giorgio de Chirico and Balthus can be noticed. In her works, the spectator can find traits of pop-art, too, where the artist reveals the aesthetic values of mass-culture samples in a startling new form. But the main heroes of her works are still to be the colour and light that cloak the viewer in the mist of night Paris. About 20 paintings created recently by Anastassia Bordeau will be on display in the present exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Anastassia Bordeau paints the night...

No stars, no people, no plants.... Her night is at the same time urbanized and empty; however, it brings no fear or disturbance. On the contrary, it is welcoming, intimate and cosy; it can shelter one and release one? s anxiety. However, a feeling of discomfort grows not from the night; it is provoked by sharp lighting that illuminates half-naked bodies, smooth, cold and beautiful, but without appeal. These bodies, bared to the casual spectator, are usually incongruous and display overemphasized class; they appear like the naïve pictures from advertisements exposed not for attracting attention but for selling.

A bus stop or a phone-booth is like a glass cage where these bodies are imprisoned. It? s a temple of the «nowadays», of «modern life», where there is no place for sensuality, only for insolent luxury. It? s a temple of soulless symbols and desecrated love, a temple — or, if you prefer, anti-temple — of inviting salacity, anonymous, selling itself together with neon lights of the city...

Maybe speed brings salvation? Dark silhouettes of cars are in contrast with illuminated glass cages, and just the head- or rear-lights reveal their existence. Where are they going? And from where do they come? At one with the night, they invite us to feel its power. To become the night one have to hide oneself in the shadow, to liberate the wishes of the Other, to follow the metamorphosis of this endless darkness. And one? s wishes should obviously not aim at coincidence with reality, but it should tend to the future, originating from time that not yet passed, time that still lasts and still comprehends everything, or so it seems.

Baldine Saint Girons
Professor of Philosophy at the Paris-X University

Biography of Anastassia Bordeau


1990—1997 Student of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts (Moscow, Russia).
1995—1996 Student of the Academy of Fine Arts (Louvain, Belgium)
1997—1998 Student of the Regional School of Fine Arts (Le Mans, France)
1998—2003 Student of the National High School of Fine Arts (ENSBA, Paris, France). Ateliers of Vincent Bioulès, Pat Andrea. Diploma 2003.


Gallery «Encadrement» (Le Mans, France)

Gallery «Ostendorff» (Heidelberg, Germany); Salon Grand Squat (Vannes, France)

25-th Salon of Fine Arts (Le Mans, France)

Personal exhibition in the Centre of Contemporary Art (Université du Maine, France)

2005 — 2008
Galleries «Daniel Besseiche» in Courchevel, Dinar, Paris (France), Geneva (Switzerland)

Gallery «Thuillier» (Paris, France); the Centre of Contemporary Art «Aponia» (Villiers-sur- Marne, France; catalogue); «Salon Art de nu» (Espace Champerret, France); a member of the Association «Figuration Critique» (France; catalogue)

«Salon de mai» (Paris, France; catalogue); Salon of Contemporary Art (Palais Bondy, Lyon, France); Salon of Contemporary Art (Montrouge, France; catalogue); Auction of Contemporary Art (Montrouge, France); «Salon d? Automne» (Paris, France; catalogue).

60-th «Salon de mai» (Paris, France; catalogue).

The works of Anastassia Bordeau are in private collections in France, Belgium, Germany and USA.