Museum-Studio of Dmitry Nalbandyan


The Museum-Studio of Dmitry Nalbandyan was set up by the Moscow Government basing on the collection presented by the artist as a gift to the city in the end of 1992. Since 2018 the Museum-Studio is part of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art containing over 1500 artist’s works: paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs and personal belongings.

Dmitry Nalbandyan moved to the apartment in 8/2 Tverskaya street (then Gorky street) in 1956. The house’s tenants were Demyan Bedny, Ilya Erenburg, Mickhail Romm and in 1958 there was opened the famous bookstore N100 of the book trade house «Moscow». The artists — Kukryniks, Nickolai Zhukov, Fyodor Konstantinov, Vladimir Minaev and Dmitry Nalbandyan lived in the upper floors.

In the early 1990-s Nalbandyan bequeathed part of his collection to the city on condition that they would not leave the walls of his studio. At present, the Museum of Dmitry Nalbandyan recreates the space of live and creative work of the artist in the Soviet time. Dmitry Nalbansyan was born in 1906 in Tiflis. Having graduated from the Academy of Arts in Georgia where his teachers were Evgeny Lancere and Egishe Tatevosyan, Nalbansyan came to Moscow in 1931: he worked as a cartoonist for the «Crocodile» magazine, as an animator for the «Mosfilm» and poster artist for «Izogiz» publishing house. In 1934 there happened a fateful for his life event — in the Kremlin he met Sergo Ordzhonikidze, a friend of his father Arkady Nalbandyan assassinated by the Menshevics in Georgia. Ordzhonikidze introduced Nalbandyan to Sergey Kirov and the circle of the Party elite. Soon after Nalbandyan painted his first large canvas «Sergey Kirov’s Speech at the 27th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party» which was exhibited in the State Museum of Fine Arts, published in the newspapers «Pravda» and «Izvestia», reproduced in other editions. Nalbandyan became a member of the Moscow Union of Soviet Artists and Member of the Academy of Arts, holder of Stalin Prize for his portrait of Stalin, as well as Lenin Prize.

For the Soviet viewer Nalbandyan was the «first brush» of the Politburo, a classic of Socialist realism, portrait painter — chronicler of the epoch, author of invented and well-directed canvases: «Vladimir Mayakovsky in Georgia (Bagdadi) in 1927», «V.I. Lenin and A. M. Gorky Among Fishermen on the Island of Capri. 1908», «The Mighty Handful. Group Portrait of Eminent Figures of Armenian Culture» well-known in the Soviet time through reproductions in the «Ogonyok» magazine. The landscapes and still lifes of Nalbandyan are less known though it is these paintings that speak about him as an «impressionist of Korovin type» who is able to convey the mood with superb finesse. Dmitry Nalbandyan as a graphic artist is even lesser known. His drawings — the vast galley of political leaders and eminent figures of art: Lenin, Stalin, Khruschev, Brezhnev, Chernenko, as well as Saryan, Rerikh, Van Cliburn, Kataev, Leonov, which with clear exceptions were painted from the model and now are amazing documents of that time.

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M: Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya

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