Стас Намин. Противостояние. 2021 г.
Стас Намин. Девушка перед зеркалом. 2016 г.
Стас Намин. Девушка в оттенках красного. 2020 г.
Стас Намин. Джимми Хендрикс. 2019 г.
Стас Намин. Новый Вавилон. 2005 г.
Date: JULY 22 — AUGUST 29, 2021
Venue: ММОМА, 10/2 Gogolevsky Boulevard


Curated by Katerina Zaitseva

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents Confrontation, a monographic exhibition of Stas Namin, which will be the first event in a series of events timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of one of the most famous figures in Russian culture. The anniversary calendar includes concerts, exhibitions, vernissages, film screenings and performances, covering the whole range of artistic roles of the musician, artist, composer, theater and film director, producer and photographer.

The title of the project refers the viewer to Stas Namin’s work with the same title — Confrontation. It most vividly expresses the author’s philosophy: the basis of all existence on earth lies in the inevitable unity of opposites — light and darkness, heat and cold, living and artificial, male and female, life and death, which attract and repel each other simultaneously. The artist explores and embodies dynamics of this interaction in most of his works. The exhibition will feature paintings, graphics, sculpture, objects of arts and crafts, photographs, video art and installations created over the past two decades.

The project will enable the viewer to trace the transformation of the creative approach of the author who started his way from a thorough study of the surrounding world, its capturing in photography, transferring reality in its original form, and came in the process of reflection to complete the reality himself, transferring outward a personal message and his own philosophy. This is how communication with the world turns into mutual interaction, which sometimes involves confrontation.

Each room of the museum is dedicated to one of the directions of Stas Namin’s art. In addition, the exposition is complemented by items from the artist’s personal collection — artifacts that he brought from his travels to remote, barely explored corners of the Earth, giving an idea of the sources of his inspiration.

One of the key objects of the exhibition, the multimedia installation — Unbearably Long Embrace — is a sculptural group and video mapping. The work was created by the artist specifically for the exhibition, inspired by Ivan Vyrypaev’s play of the same name, which Namin staged in his theater. The exhibition also includes, for the first time, an animated large-scale installation — New Babylon. The author supplemented the experience of visual perception with sound effects: in the hall where the work is presented, the audience will hear an excerpt from Stas Namin’s Centuria S-Quark Symphony, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Part of the exposition also illustrates the author’s interest in the Russian avant-garde of the early 20th century. The Suprematist tea set cast at the Imperial Porcelain Factory (St. Petersburg) based on sketches by Kazimir Malevich and hand-painted by Namin in the Constructivist style are on display, as are photographs of the climactic scenes of the first Russian avant-garde opera, Victory Over the Sun, whose reconstruction was performed by Namin at his theater with the support of the State Russian Museum. The production was presented at the world’s largest cultural forums and was enthusiastically received by contemporary theater critics.

Thus, the exhibition at the MMOMA will be an embodiment of the synthesis of different types of art and personal interests of the artist — to other cultures, unexplored routes and mysteries of the structure of the universe. And this bold combination of sometimes contradictory statements is possible in the expressive solutions of one person — the personality of Stas Namin.