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October 6 — November 21, 2021
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Sciarsism and Sciarsists
Сергей Дождь
Абстрактный Хаос. Непонятные образы, слепая интуиция, безумные обобщения. И всегда движение…
2011, холст, масло, 100х70 см.
Сергей Дождь
Крипто Абстракция. Когда бессознательное закрывает сознание…
2011, холст, масло, 100х70 см
Сергей Дождь
Символическая абстракция. Когда и знаки и цвета – символы
2014, холст, масло, 90х60 см
Сергей Дождь
Метаабстракция. Объединение и обобщение многократных абстракций (надабстракций)…
2012/13, холст, масло,140х100,5 см
Сергей Дождь
Расширение квадрата. Осознание света всегда идет через тьму…
2015, Холст, Масло, 200х140.
Date: October 21 — November 21
Venue: 10/2 Gogolevsky Blvd.

Curated by: Sergey Dozhd

Moscow Museum of Modern Art with support of the Fine Art Gallery presents Sciarsism and Sciarsists, an international exhibition held for the first time in Moscow.

Sciarsism is a movement in contemporary art created by the Russian artist Sergey Dozhd. Nowadays it is an international movement of artists who develop a system of understanding of abstract art. The movement has brought together about 300 artists from Russia, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, China and other countries.

Sciarsism is also a new philosophy that allows to creatively develop not only art and culture but also human consciousness, morality, society and spirituality. Alexander Borovsky, an art historian and head of the department of newest trends at the State Russian Museum, defined this trend as «a new wave of the Russian avant-garde and Russian philosophical school, which can have a great impact on the global cultural space».

Sciarsist theory offers a system to understand artistic abstraction, a new artistic language, Sciarsic semiotics, where square stands for thought, circle for feeling, triangle for intuition. The theory highlights the main feature of the Sciarsist style — complete universality. At the exhibition at the MMOMA, the artists continue to construct a space for abstract art seen from a scientific perspective.

The exhibition will feature the following artists: Sergey Dozhd, Konstantin Khudyakov, Evgeny Semyonov, Oksana Mas, Nikolina Kovalenko, Mally Khorasantchi, Elena Serov, Olivier de Cayron, Eric Lesigne, Elena Borovskaya, Alexander Gordin, Jean-Philippe Deugnier, Olga KisSeleva, Ulrike Bolenz, Victor Popov, Jeanne Grack, Ines Berlin, Franco Viola, Andrei Volkov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Sergey Denisov, Valery Kuznetsov, Teymur Daimi, Qi Shaotin and others.

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