Date: July, 14th — August, 9th, 2020
Venue: MMOMA, 10/2, Gogolevsky boulevard

CURATORS: Diana Dzhangveladze, Maria Doronina

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents EVA’s solo exhibition «The Other». It brings together several projects by the artist, both past and new, dealing with the dynamic and protean nature of media image.
Nowadays, in the age of intensive development and rapid advent of high technology, mirror surfaces increasingly enter everyday life. Specular planes of electronic devices that we use on regular basis produce a sort of additional dimension that extends our familiar reality. «The Other» project features a speculation on the interaction of an individual with the digital world, on the ways of her / his infinite existence within its limits in one form or another.

The pride of place in the display goes to video art. It is the artist’s major way to tell the viewer about the order of this ‘other’ world, its laws and inhabitants. The characters of EVAs painting and sculpture — ironical figures captured as if in the act of transformation — have taken on the role of fairy tale ‘magical helpers’ or ‘guides’, to use the terminology of a fundamental research by the folklorist scholar Vladimir Propp. The leitmotiv of the project is the bird motif, which by its liminality alludes simultaneously to multiple layers of the 20th century culture. Thus, myths based on shamanic sacral ritual experience treat the bird as a symbol of human soul, one embodying its ability to wander, to emancipate from the corporal form.

About the Artist:

EVA was born in 1979 in Saint Petersburg. She works in mixed media, performance art and installation. EVA graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Open College of the Arts (London), and the British Higher School of Art and Design. The artist took part in many group and solo exhibitions in the Russian capital and abroad, including the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow), the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), the Pop-Up Museum (Museum), the Diocesan museum of Caltagirone (Caltagirone, Italy), the Palazzo Doebbing Museum (Sutri, Italy), the London Art Biennale (UK), the CICA Museum (Seoul, South Korea), the Residence Gallery (France), the Start Art Fair (Saatchi Gallery, London, UK) et al.

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