Edgar Plans. The Freedom to Dream and Want to Be
Date: SEPTEMBER, 8th — OCTOBER, 10th 2021

Curator: Pablo G. Villazán

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Padre Gallery, with the support of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow, presents the first solo exhibition of a Spanish artist Edgar Plans. He gained the reputation for his imaginary characters that are integral to the context of the present-day city and fight real-life problems.

The project at the MMOMA shows a selection of 100 works continuing the take on his renowned Animal Heroes series in all kinds of formats. Characters inspired by his illustration books and animated films, with which the artist reveals human acts against the planet and other human beings. In addition, the visitors will follow the process of creation of the work of art, from a small idea written down in a notebook to the final result. The pages of his real notebooks, like others created for this exhibition in large format, become the representation of Edgar’s mind and creativity, these being dynamic and rebellious, until they find their place in the final work.

The artist tends to explore space and different formats: from huge diptychs to an extensive collection of drawings and sketches of the book that he is about to publish, to the representation of portraits of his heroes, his animal heroes arrive to the Space. Nothing is accidental in his painting, even the wax scratches on his backgrounds, his formulas, his ironic language or the characters and animals in his paintings have a meaning. His main source of inspiration has always been comics, street art and urban art and his taste for children’s art, of which he admires its complete freedom of expression, gestures, strokes and the free use of color.

About the artist:

Edgar Plans is a spanish postwar & contemporary artist who was born in 1977 in Madrid. His artistic training began in the studio of the painter Jose Maria Ramos, where he learned the basic techniques of drawing and painting between 1995-1997. He continued his academic training to get a degree in Art History from the University of Oviedo. His works were featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Almine Rech (Paris)and the Almine Rech (Shanghai). The artist resides and works in Gijón.

About the gallery:

PADRE is an art gallery founded in New York in January 1999, specializing in modern and contemporary art. In twenty years, PADRE has evolved into international art community, developing exhibitions, designed by world-renowned architects and curators, in New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow, Geneva, Miami, Istanbul, Rome, Madrid, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Liechtenstein, Azerbaijan amongst others. PADRE’s vibrant contemporary program features the work of leading international artists including Zurab Tsereteli, Yue Minjun, Damien Hirst, Matt Hansel, Kaws, Baldur Helgason, Ana Barriga, Edgar Plans, Adriana Oliver, and many others.