Alexei Politov and Marina Belova. The Machinery of Spectacles
Politov A., Belova M. Equilibrium. 2001
Politov A., Belova M. Dino. 2014
Politov A., Belova M. Wishful thinking series. 2019
Politov A., Belova M. Casting shadows. 2020
Politov A., Belova M. From the Series In the Footsteps of the Hyperhuman. 2015
Date: April 21 — July 3, 2022
Venue: MMOMA. 10 / 2 Gogolevsky Boulevard

Curated by Sergey Khachaturov

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with Krokin Gallery announces a monographic exhibition of the artist duo of Alexey Politov and Marina Belova.

Politov and Belova made a powerful statement in the 2000s in Moscow. They overturned the canon and broke the conventions of the «correct» image. They did it for the sake of fun experiments with the object of art, which from now on acts as an actor, turns the audience on, jokes, grimaces and behaves boldly and defiantly. Politov and Belova often redefine classical and contemporary art through the notion of carnival culture and traditional Russian popular print lubok. Thus, they reveal the connections between primitive human nature and street art, between art brut and conceptualism. It is both in the artists’ ability to embed one medium into another and in their skill at refining mass-media images into multilayered messages and philosophical maxims that their universality manifests itself.

The title The Machinery of Spectacles, coined by curator Sergey Khachaturov, most accurately describes the exhibition project — each of the exhibition halls, in addition to graphics and sculpture, will have theatrical elements, through which the viewer can enjoy the spectacle and carnival fun. The culmination will be the Magic Lantern section, a large-scale light and shadow installation, a metaphor for the escape from Plato’s cave. A trickster will guide visitors through the exhibition. Casting shadows, he will be an elusive narrator of stories related to the works of the exhibition.

Alexey Politov (1966) and Marina Belova (1958) realised their first collaborative project in 1998. During the existence of the duo, the artists have held 20 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 60 group exhibitions. They were nominees for the Kandinsky Prize (2007, 2009). The works of Politov and Belova are in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery, AZ Museum, Novosibirsk Picture Gallery, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve and other museum and private collections in Russia and worldwide.