Gogolevsky 10/2

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February 27 — April 14, 2019

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Triumph gallery present the project by the Agency of Singular Investigations (ASI) Flower Power. Archive. The new artwork by Stanislav Shuripa and Anna Titova tells the story of a secret society, active in the late Soviet Union.

December 13, 2018 — February 17, 2019

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the AVC Charity Foundation present On the Path of Gumilev, an interdisciplinary project by Vasily Vlasov and Mikhail Pogarsky, bringing together visual art, literature, geopoetics, history and ethnography.

OCTOBER 12 — OCTOBER 24, 2018

The several year partnership of MMOMA with the Festival TERRITORIЯ has resulted in the fusion of theater and contemporary art in the Museum space providing a platform for new art practices and expansion of boundaries and possibilities of art.

9 June — 22 July 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art has been hosting strategic projects of the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art since the Biennale’s launching in 2012. This year, Barbara Cueto has been curating one of the two Biennale’s strategic projects, while the featured project titled Abracadabra has been orchestrated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti.

16 April — 20 May, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the solo exhibition of Haim Sokol — the artist’s first large-scale museum project. Initiating his creative career in Jerusalem in 2006 after he had graduated from the Hebrew University, Sokol boldly asserted himself on the Moscow arts scene two years later and since then continues to actively work in Russia.

28.03 — 08.04.2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS presents an interactive project titled «Theatre’s DNA. Exhibition-Performance in Celebration of the 140th Anniversary of GITIS».

February 13 — March 11, 2018

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents «Fly Me to the Moon» — the first solo exhibition of a London-based Chinese artist Jacky Tsai to take place in Russia.

17 November 2017 — 25 January 2018

V-A-C Foundation presents Image Diplomacy, the fourth and final exhibition in the framework of the experimental programme Carte Blanche, in which the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) invites art institutions to implement their own curatorial initiatives.

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