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Mumiy Troll / Leroy Brothers
Witness Your World
MMOMA presents the artworks by Leroy Brothers, created for the latest Mumiy Troll album design.
Date: November 18 – December 2, 2013
Venue: 10b2, Gogolevsky Boulevard

Curated by Andrey Egorov, Anna Arutyunyan

The on-line project “Witness Your World” is built on its core principle: great art is a witness of society. Therefore, the project was created online by participants who were invited to submit their photographs and short text messages to a special web site. Web users picked out the best uploaded images and messages, which were later mixed by means of a special algorithm devised by the Leroy Brothers. The best 10 art objects were used for designing the cover of SOS Matrosy (SOS to a Seaman), a new album of Russia's legendary rock band Mumiy Troll. The above works are put on display at the MMOMA exhibition, which also comprises unique art photo installations, music and videos by Mumiy Troll. In short, the exhibition at the MMOMA combines modern art and music.

The Leroy Brothers Agency was founded by three brothers Leroy. Nicholas (b. 1979) and Gregory (b.1975) deal with creative part of a project while their brother Gilles (b.1978) handles presentation of art works around the globe. The Leroy Brothers has been professionally involved in a variety of art projects since 1997. The brothers are among the world’s widely known artists who use cutting-edge technologies and computer graphics. They live and work in Shanghai (China) and Saint-Paul-de-Vence (France). 

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