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Olga Kroitor
Dissociative identity disorder
Date: July 20 — August 14, 2011
Venue: State Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts (10 Gogolevsky Boulevard)

Olga Croitor belongs latest generation of artists, and it usually means that attention to such an art akin linked to the notion of the future. In this exhibition it is a few tens of paper collages, which adjoin the dynamic graphic lines and photo clippings 70-80s.

Grainy images contain many of the attributes of the late reality, though not directly refer to the images and the tools of ideological propaganda. However, for this reason on the stage the size of a simple sheet of paper is still unfolding actual historical conflict peace-building utopian — mnogovlozhennye utopian forms of travel in its content, and vice versa.

Geometry Collage inevitably invokes the spirit of the Soviet avant-garde, all of which came straight from the future. The design of his philosophy and art has been dictated by a utopia, which is embodied by a revolutionary play in the life of the new avant-garde forms. Supervening 70s were no less grand counterpoint ambitious project, when the non-incarnated idea yet, paradoxically, rooted in the Soviet civilization. The lack of perfection of its materiality filled sinus indefinitely postponed potentiality. Utopia has changed the original nature, losing the exact spatial and temporal form, and in return poignant content. So a combination of two imagery systems is gentle and productive conflict. Avant-garde lines are transformed into schematic indicating the implicit, invisible, but nevertheless, the culminating point in the documents nostalgic uniform everyday.

As stated in the thick of the displayed photographs of the time: «Life is brief, and the art long / / And in the battle victorious life.» These words, like fotovyrezki, it is important to learn from the context. But not to show their hidden meaning, but to see the internal cause its inception.