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Natalia Monahova, Untitled, «What is time», video, 2014.
Natalia Monahova, Untitled, «What is time», video, 2015
Natalia Monahova, Untitled, «What is time», video, 2015
Natalia Monahova, Untitled, «What is time», video, 2016
Natalia Monahova, Untitled, «What is time», video, 2016
Natalia Monahova, Untitled, «What is time», video, 2016
Date: September 1 0 October 2 , 2016
Venue: MMOMA, 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow

Curated by Darya Kamyshnikova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» present the exhibition of Natalia Monakhova WHAT IS THE TIME? The project includes video material made by a professional camera and mobile phone.

Using montage, search and cutting of the footing, the artist plays with the perception of the time, studies its properties, reflects over how we experience minutes, hours, days, months and years.

Like a hundred years ago, it takes nine months to give birth to a child. Even in a modern megalopolis children can not be born faster, although the pace of life is constantly accelerating. Therefore, when a child is born, he is in no hurry. While he grows up, he tries to keep a normal tempo: many times watches the same cartoon, listens to the same tale. He absorbs information like a good meal savoring it and resists to any rush.

What happens then?

As he grows older, the small person is entering a society. They want him to be more agile, to execute commands faster, to spend less time to digest the information and to do more. Step by step — school, higher education, work, career. Will this former child remember how pleasant it was to watch his favorite animated movies again and again? How long were the days of his childhood until he joined the pursuit of happiness?

The time tends to be different, or rather not the time, but a subjective perception of this nonlinear category.

A kind of the artist’s reflection is a nostalgia for the past — the wish to stop this very moment and carefully explore it. But why? To capture the elusive moment and understand the transience permeating our life? Why would the artist not be like everyone else? If all are in a hurry, the artist should accelerate too. If we can eat on the go, why is it not possible to make video on the move? And the technical means allow to do it. Maybe, they not only allow but rather dictate? Is there any choice or should we race at the speed of the flow so as not to create emergency situations? Fast life — fast food — fast video.

However, the reality, which the artist is so eager to explore, is not similar to a research laboratory. As usual, the desired escapes from his gaze and disappears in indistinguishable noise. Only everyday, unattractive and quite uninteresting things sometimes flicker before his eyes. And nothing more.

It is a montage, search, cutting of the footing and vain attempts to grasp the very thing for which the artist creates. As a result, the time, which should be relished, is reduced to the limit — ridiculous pictures lost in the rapid flow of information.

NATALIA MONAKHOVA (born October 7, 1979) is a graduate of the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops». The solo show: Video with Color Correction. «The Triangle» Curators’ Workshop, 2015. The group exhibitions: Procrastination. MMOMA, 2016; the Moscow Art Communities, Museum of Moscow, 2015; Workshop’2015. Sub observationem. MMOMA, 2015; Do Better. A3 Gallery, 2015; SWATCH & MMOMA POP-UP GALLERY, 2015; Poetic Feelings. MMOMA, 2015; The Weaker Sex. A3 Gallery, 2014; Unlimited Medical Examination, Intervention in the Abandoned Children’s Clinic, 2014; Reservation, Student Art Prom within the IV Moscow International biennale of Young Art, 2014; Fake. Random Gallery, 2014; Festival of Video Art, Now&Then’14. Migration of Memory, 2014; Workshop’2014. Limits of Touch. MMOMA, 2014.

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