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Culture Department of the City of Moscow
Russian Academy of Arts
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops»

Саша Бирюлин. Колготки, 2015. 19х34
Саша Бирюлин. Куртка, 2015. 80х70
Саша Бирюлин. Любовь любовь, 2015. Ткань акрил. 116х134
Саша Бирюлин. Любовь любовь, 2015. Ткань, акрил. 165х72
Саша Бирюлин. Полотенце 2014
Date: November 11, 2016 — December 11, 2016
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art 10 Gogolevsky Boulevard

Curator: Darya Kamyshnikova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» showcase a solo exhibition of Sasha Biryulin, a young artist from Kaluga whose art career already includes his participation in the prestigious international exhibitions of contemporary art such as Scope and Armory in New York.

The exhibition project in MMOMA is the seventh solo show of Sasha Biryulin. On display are a series of works which has never been exhibited to the public and based on the idea of studying the correlation of the attractiveness of a human body and the significance of a man in today’s world. The project «Just Love, Love» thematically continues the exhibition «I Want It Beautiful» held in «Fabrica» Art Center in 2014 and dedicated to the study of the perception of a «young Russian girl» formed under the influence of stereotypes and traditions typical to our society.

The core of the exhibition in MMOMA is recent works of the artist focused on the image of a young girl who decides to trade her body in the internet. Such behavior, according to the artist, harmoniously continues the culture of cartoons and fairy tales about princesses, only now with herself in the leading role. For her a desire to materialize herself in the net becomes the only possibility to confirm her own existence and finds its realization in the web-format. This realization of self worth is calculated mathematically according to the number of likes and fall-overs, and the naked body as an affordable and most efficient instrument to increase the rating remains formally virgin, because the distance turns all the actions into a game giving a sense of impunity and freedom, distinguishing between the reality and fantasy. The artist creates the same distinction in his works: all his heroines are deliberately depicted without depth and life-size, as if tending to fall out of the picture though metaphorically. This distance is personified by picture frames and even by the format of contact between the viewer and the picture, which initially involves the division into the space of the viewer (the real) and the space of art (the virtual).

The solo exhibition of Sasha Biryulin in MMOMA proposes to think again about the challenges of growing up and self identification. It is being held within the program of support to young art in MMOMA.