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Irina Nakhova
Date: May 19 — July 3, 2011
Venue: State Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts (10 Gogolevsky Boulevard)

Special Guest of the Forth Moscow Biennale of contemporary art

Irina Nahova, whose artistic career is inherently linked to the Moscow Conceptualism circles, is considered to be one of the first Russian «total installation» artists. She recognized her vocation early in life. A young maximalist, she defined art as a bare necessity of life: «only the artworks whose creation is urged by vital necessity, develop a life and carry the energy exceeding the need for immediate consumption», — says the artist. This «maximalist approach» likens Irina Nahova’s art to the art of Russain avant-garde of the 20th century. The works by Irina Nahova are held in museum and private collections in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

Irina Nahova started out in art as a painter and her artistic methods — perspective, layered surfaces, tone and color illusions — have developed from painterly experience. It with painterly methods, that she created the various environments, including her «Room» installations.

The large-scale Irina Nahova retrospective will for the first time display in one space the multi-genre works executed in different media and at different stages of the artist’s artistic career. This will allow to demonstrate the inseparable connection between her paintings, installations, and objects — to show the unity of art objects in their motivational and existential singularity.

«Room № 2» will be recreated in original size and detail including the original drawings and documentation from the 1984 and to restore a room recreated in the early 90′

Illustrated catalogue is published to a personal exhibition of Irina Nakhova for which wrote an article Andrei Monastirsky, Valentin Dyakonov, Irina Kulik, Elena Petrovskaya, Barbara Walli, Kalliopi Minioudaki. 

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