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Garbage dump
Curated by: Lana Zaitseva
Date: November 11 — December 6, 2009
Venue: State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, 10 Gogolevsky boulevard (ground floor)
Opening: November 10 at 6 pm.

Participants: Polina Dronyaeva and Alexander Senko, Marina Fomenko, Oleg Arnautov, Elena Savina, Marina Tyabut, Catherine Zabiyakina, Alexei Lukianchikov, Alexander Vorokhob, Michael Konchits, Daniel Tikhonov (Pinocchio), Alexei Lyapin, Matthew Zelenski, Sergei Paschenko, Sergei Podsobakin (Podsob@kyoi).

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and “Free Workshops” School of Contemporary Art present GARBAGE DUMP exhibition within “Début” exhibition program. Curator Lana Zaitseva has invited artists to think over the things that find themselves in the “garbage heap of history”.

The contemporary consumer culture makes a person pursue new products, buy new things, and at the same time, throw away old stuff. It is easy to part with things. They are made quickly, cost cheap, live a short life and are “relevant” for a shorter period of time. New collections replace the old ones, fashion tendencies follow each other, and old items go to the garbage heap.

But discarded things form a unique poetic world. Heaps of garbage hold real treasures, undervalued by the previous owners. Some landfills can look really majestic, radiating original charm of decay, which fascinated Russian artists and poets so much. Put into the new context, many things suddenly revive and are ready to tell us a totally different story...

The exhibition will present photos and installations. The sound center of the exhibition will be Polina Dronyaeva & Alexander Senko's “Garbage Sound” installation that creates a sound composition extended in time and in space. The resulting effect beeing that the complete work will only exist in visitors' heads. Oleg Arnautov presents his “Presence” installation, an image of himself as a social element, impersonal and passive, full of false values and information garbage. Marina Fomenko presents a photo project “Training Center”, where she speaks about the world of childhood, and being always true to oneself. In «Results» project, Catherine Zabiyakina reveals an alternative lifestory, the one people always try to leave behind the scenes of his memory. Alexei Lyapin demonstrates what an “adult holiday through the eyes of a child” looks like, and Elena Savina exhibits “The Reverse Side” of the city.

As part of the exhibition program, Polina Dronyaeva will give lecture “Composer in the Gallery: Can't Change the Meeting Place”. The History and Prospects of Sound Art”, which will be held on December 1, at 7 pm.