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September 6 — October 16, 2022
August 26 — November 20, 2022
AUGUST 11 — OCTOBER 16, 2022
April 30, 2022 — January 29, 2023

Moscow City Government
Moscow City Department of Culture
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia

Our art on your meters
Olesya Alexandra Rudyka
The Big Other, 2015
Print on foamboard, stroboscope
200 x 200 cm
Alexander Minchenko
Life Traces
Color Photographs
60 x 84 cm
Ilona Vladovskaya
Mark in Mark, 2016
Installation, objects, burned wood, acrylic paint
50х60х85 cm
Ildar Yakubov
…centrism, 2016
Series of installations, mechanisms, videocameras, projection, 5 columns
50 x 50 x 280 cm each
Katerina Shiraieva
ATTENTION!!! Thank You for Your Attention!, 2016
Film, printing, helium
150 x 100 cм
Popovich Ekaterina
Object (PVC tape, digital print)
various dimensions (40 cm x 200 cm – 100 cm x 200 cm)
Date: june 24 — july 31, 2016
Venue: MMOMA, 10 gogolevsky boulevard

Moscow Museum of Modern art presents a joint project by the students of rodchenko Moscow school of photography and Multimedia, institute of contemporary art (Moscow), and Baza institute. creating a platform for collaboration between the tree schools, the young artists have also conceived a project that is spread across spaces as different as an abandoned shopping mall and a museum. the project is driven by two forces, which are of particular importance for emerging artists: a desire to develop horizontal links and create a community and an urge to affirm personal aesthetic beliefs as dominant.

According to the artists, «the exhibition has grown out of chaotic yet strictly administered collaboration between the appallingly disconnected members of a group formed around the epic workshop INTRODUCTION TO THE PROFESSION—21st CENTURY. Burdened by mutual influences, common dependency, and their ceaseless
struggle against each other, they have been trying to make anything but an exhibition. In the time where time seems to have come to an end, they are ready to put their obscure but already groundless ambitions to use in an attempt to find out which of them will define what are is in a hundred years. Their struggle will become visible in a number of places, which this new tribe of gangsters has been annexing in a fit of unjustified greed in order to build their supra-institutional fortress. Making use of the square meters they have found in a house, a museum, a shop, in america, on the outskirts, in a palace—has become the main goal for the group of artists, where each one is not only eager to show their own work, but gets involved in what their neighbours are doing, plotting and scheming against them. we say: touch the other (let him move over!). HaIl TO THIS!»


Elizaveta Karamanova, Sasha Chayka, Galina Leonova, Aleksandr Minchenko, Ekaterina Popovich, Olesya Rudyka, Katerina Shiryaeva, Ilona Vladovskaya, Alexey Yeliseev, Ildar Yakubov.


central house of architects
7 Granatnyi pereulok? Building 1
July 4–19, 2016

sukhanovo art center sukhanovo village, vidnoye,
leninsky District of the Moscow oblast
June 23—July 31, 2016

3 kostomarovsky pereulok, Building 12
June 28—July 31, 2016

Moscow Museum of Modern art
10 gogolevsky Boulevard June 24—July 31, 2016

viktor skersis’s studio: 880 laurel Drive, Bethlehem, pa, 18017, usa
July 4–15, 2016