October 21 — November 21
October 6 — November 21, 2021
September 23 — October 31, 2021
September 23, 2021 — February 20, 2022
7 SEPTEMBER 2021 — 27 FEBRUARY, 2022
Andrey Krasulin. Practice, Process, Cut.
А. Красулин. Архив №1. 1974. 16х25х19,5. Дерево, металл, темпера
А. Красулин. Мотив. 2010-е. 24х45х37. Дерево, металлическая сетка, акрил
А. Красулин. Композиция. 2000-е. 42х35х20. Веревка, дерево, воск
А. Красулин. Голова. 1960. 35х28х32. Бронза
А. Красулин. Забор. 1970-е. 18,5х20,5х2,5. Дерево, темпера
Date: October 6 — November 21, 2021
Venue: MMOMA. Gogolevsky 10

Curated by: Maria Doronina, Serafima Kostrova, Dmitri Poshvin

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the pop/off/art gallery present Practice, Process, Cut, a large-scale exhibition by Andrei Krasulin. The exhibition, assembled from sculptural objects, paintings, and graphic works, showcases more than 200 works created between the 1960s and 2021. The exhibition at the MMOMA is retrospective in nature, but it is not arranged in chronological order, but is grouped in as a kind of installation. The curators have conceived the exhibition as a network or cross-section of individual narratives that overlap, intersect and at times rhyme. Constructed as an index or dictionary, it reveals the thematic anchors and tropes on which Krasulin’s artistic language is built.

Andrei Krasulin is a unique figure for Russian contemporary art. He belongs to a narrow circle of authors of his generation whose works elude direct contextualization and localization within the Russian community. This is largely because the range of issues that have concerned and still concern him is much more related to themes that are associated with the Western European artistic tradition than with Russian contemporary art. The motifs of the Italian arte povera and the formal search, consonant with the modernist experiments of the beginning of the century, are much more obvious in his ascetic works. The artist himself, talking about his works and consistently avoiding any limiting labels, defines the nature of his occupation by the word practice.

His practice is devoted to one broad theme which concerns monumentality, memory, recollection. The observation of everyday life in its material elusiveness, eventlessness and completeness, authenticity and banality, on the one hand, and the preservation, reinterpretation of a common historical cultural heritage on the other, form the basis of his artistic work. Known primarily as a sculptor, Krasulin is distinguished by the multidisciplinarity of his approach, where each of his works, like each of his samples — graphic or copper, plaster or cardboard — takes its own place among others.

The exhibition will include a number of educational events, and by the opening of the project a catalog about the life and work of the author will be published, which will be available for purchase at MMOMA ART BOOKSHOP.

About the artist:

Andrey Krasulin was born in 1934 in Moscow. From 1953 to 1960 he studied monumental and decorative sculpture at the Moscow Higher Art and Industrial School (now Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry). During the Soviet and post-Soviet years, Krasulin collaborated extensively with architects sympathetic to his views, including government commissions: mainly bas-reliefs in theater lobbies and public sculpture, usually quite abstract and monumental (which was not so common at the time). Krasulin is the author of 29 solo exhibitions and participant of more than 80 group exhibitions worldwide.

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