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Sub observationem
Curated by: Darya Kamyshnikova
Ippolit Markelov & art-group 18 apples. Mindcontrolled Mioperfomance. 2015
Lisa Tulchinskaya. Modeling. 2015
Anastasiya Kaplina, Dariya Polyakova, Olya Zakharieva. Each has little bit terror. 2015
Ilmira Bolotyan. Immaterial labor. 2014-2015
Date: July 8 - August 23, 2015
Venue: MMOMA, 17 Ermolaevsky lane

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops present the exhibition Workshop’2015: Sub Observationem / Under Surveillance. Among the participants are young artists from Russia and abroad selected by means of competition. This summer it will be the major event of the young art programme of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition will include paintings, videoart, photos, installations, performances and works in other media.

The participants of the Workshop’2015 reflect on the subject defined by the Latin expression: Sub Observationem (or Under Surveillance). Observation is the most ancient method of acquiring knowledge. Generalizing the data got from observation gave birth to Science. Science in its turn has systematically elaborated the monitoring parameters and has been working on ever more sophisticated observation devices and means to accumulate and analyze the data retrieved. Elaborating the theme the curator offered, artists examine the situation of our everyday life being under total surveillance and recorded on video during every single moment. We are being monitored through video cameras at the entrance halls, in the streets, and at the institutions; we are being unobtrusively observed by means of gadgets allowing to control the movement of an individual and discover his whereabouts with the help of geolocation system; our choice of webpages is tracked to propose us the content we are supposed to get interested in and so forth. We are not even surprised or terrified to find ourselves under close and mostly self imposed surveillance: we tend to take it for granted.

The graduation project of a young curator Lena Vazhenina, who majored in Curating  Contemporary Art Exhibitions at the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops in 2015, will also be the part of the exhibition, as well as the final project made by the students from Vladislav Efimov’s Studio of Project Photography.

The annual exhibition Workshop of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops has been held since 2001, and every year it discovers new names on the Russian art scene. 

Exhibition participants: ARg_pg, Iron Lily (Dmitry Pronin), Natalia Alexander, Ilina Chervonnaya, Eva Arakcheeva, Untitled art group, Sofia Astashova, Daria Barybina, Anastasia Belova, Anastasia Kachalova, Maria Bogdanova, Ilmira Bolotyan, Danila Bulatov, Olga Butenop, Yulia Vergazova, Alexander Verevkin, Geographer Smirnov, Marina Gerasimova, Kirill zhilkin, Dmitry Zhiltzov, Anna Zayidova, Olga Zinovieva, Lena Zubtsova, Masha Iv, Elizaveta Izvekova, Ekaterina Isaeva, Anastasia Kaplina, Daria Polyakova, Olya Zakharova, Irina Kluchnikova, Alexandra Mezentseva, Sasha Knyazeva, Sergey Kolosov, Oleg Komarov, Evgenia Krasavchik,  Olga Krasutskaya, Kam Lachinskiy, Vik Laschenov, Maria Makarova, Ippolit Markelov, 18 Apples art group, Natalia Monakhova, Katerina Muravieva, Daria Neretina, Olga Osipova, Marianna Mangileva, Pavel Otdelnov, Fyidor Petrik, Anna Rotayenko, Natalia Petrova, Damir Romanenko, Irina Rudnichenko, Sonya Rumiantseva, Galia Sadarova, Anna Semenova-Gants, Andrey Slaschilin, Yana Smetanina, Ekaterina Solodina, Polina Surovova, Alena Tereshko, Anna Tolkachova, Elizaveta Tulchinskaya, Ilia Fedotov-Fyodorov, Mikhail Filyushin, Lyolya Frolova, Ekaterina Tsareva, Andrey Cherkasov, Viktoria Scherbenko, Faina Yunusova.


The exhibition is organized with participation of
National Center for Contemporary Arts