Notes for the iconology of the «world picture»
Evgeniya Buravleva
August. From the series “Uplifting Practices”. 2016
Oil on canvas
MMOMA collection
Machine of Order. 2021
Courtesy of the artist
Nikola Ovchinnikov
Labyrinth #3. 1995
Oil on canvas
MMOMA collection
Tim Parchikov
From the project “The Great Escape”. 2016
Printing on canvas
MMOMA collection
Anastasia Tsayder
From the project “Arsenal”. 2019
Video still
Courtesy of the artist
Sergey Sharov
Salome’s Dance. 1968
Color pencils on paper
Collection of Philipp Rukavishnikov
Date: AUGUST 11 — OCTOBER 16, 2022

Curators: Anna Arutyunyan, Andrey Egorov

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) presents «White Cube. August», an exhibition that continues the «Collection. Vantage Point» program of compact, laboratory-mode displays of the museum’s holdings. The nominalistically simple and yet enigmatic title of the project functions as a kind of a cipher. On the one hand, it directly indicates the event’s temporal and spatial coordinates, and on the other, it makes reference to the titles of two specific artworks, which tentatively signify the beginning and the end of the visitor’s journey, the entrance and exit points.

A recurring motif of the exhibition is the wandering within a «world picture». In the selected works, created by artists of different generations, this idea acquires a manifold expression: from the archaic symbols of the labyrinth and the playing board, topographic plans, spatial schemes and mental maps, to the representation of optical devices that mediate our gaze, panoramic landscapes, visionary compositions and digital environments. Demonstrating the «assembly models» of a coherent image of reality deriving from various creative standpoints and worldviews, these individual artistic worlds, non-contradictory-in-themselves aspire to the all-encompassing and the universal. Still, they remain ephemeral and elusive signs, orienting marks on the way to those inexpressible and inappropriable meanings, which lie beyond the visible and the evident.

The works of Victor Alimpiev, Evgeniya Buravleva, Aleksey Dubinsky, Valentin Gerasimenko, Vyacheslav Koleychuk, Apandi Magomedov, Nikolay Nasedkin, Nikola Ovchinnikov, and Tim Parchikov from the MMOMA collection will be complemented by the works of invited artists — Ian Ginsburg, Jakov Khorev, Korsi, Sergey Sharov, Agne-Marija Silkinaite, Anastasia Tsayder, and the «Museum of Ever-Playing Amusements» (Anastasia Krokhaleva, Denis Perevalov).

Collection. Vantage Point Program at MMOMA

Collection. Vantage Point is a long-term exhibition program developed specifically for the MMOMA Education Center in addition to the series of large-scale thematic exhibitions that have become emblematic for the museum. One of the program’s distinguishing features is a different, more focused and intimate approach to the study and demonstration of museum collections, as well as a much more dynamic rhythm of the exhibition. The program combines exhibitions of various types — from monographic and archival to interdisciplinary. Intended to explore individual segments of the collection, these essentially laboratory projects often address private, non-mainstream, artistic subjects and allow new exhibition solutions to be tested.

Collection. A Vantage Point Program provides an opportunity to consider a wide range of phenomena — names, trends, images and ideas in the Russian art of the XX-XXI centuries from different positions and perspectives. In turn, the museum collection itself serves as a unique resource and a convenient ‘vantage point’ for talking about art, history, science, and culture in general. The program was launched at the end of 2017 and is implemented by the curatorial staff of the Research Department of MMOMA.

The program is authored by Andrey Egorov and Anna Arutyunyan.


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