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Things, Words and Consequences
Date: September 15 - October 14, 2012
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 17 Ermolaevsky Lane

Curated by Sanya Kantarovsky and Stas Shuripa

The exhibition "Things, Words and Consequences" brings together an international group of artists whose works encompass video and film, sculpture, painting, performance and installation. The constellation of approaches in the exhibition hinges on a concern with the role, status and nature of language in the current conditions of global digital communication.

Languages, or, in a broader sense, sign systems - capable of perpetually producing meanings, manifest themselves in varying forms. Language is ubiquitous, constantly producing and regulating human relationships, ideas and emotions that constitute reality. A consideration of language is only possible at a distance, where speech  would reveal its social conventions.

In effect, every artwork in the exhibition can be viewed as a research of marginal instances of communication: speech disorders, muteness, allusion, indirect or implicit significations. In the current day, when discourses are produced on a mass scale, local art practices and schools have joined the global media-sphere. Their common ambition is to seek new perspectives from where images of the present, described with conventional language, can be revealed as incomplete, paradoxical and fraught with unpredictable consequences.


Viktor Alimpiev
Antoine Catala
Keren Cytter
Simon Denny
Shannon Ebner
Alexandra Galkina
David Ter-Oganyan
Boris Groys
Karl Holmqvist
Sanya Kantarovsky
Liz Magic Laser
Shana Lutker
Tobias Madison
Dafna Maimon
Laura Owens
Anna Parkina
Chadwick Rantanen
Asha Schechter
Stas Shuripa
Frances Stark
Sasha Suhareva
Anya Titova