The Dawn of the World and Yesterday’s Events
Part of the Collection. Vantage Point Program
Захаров Вадим. Без названия, 1990 (с) Пресс-служба ММОМА
Арно Мор. В мастерской. 1960-1970-е (с) Пресс-служба ММОМА
Date: February 11 — March 27, 2022
Venue: MMOMA Education Center (17 Ermolaevsky Lane)

Curated by: Maria Doronina

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a new exhibition The Dawn of the World and Yesterday’s Events as part of the MMOMA Educational Center’s Collection. Vantage Point program of the MMOMA Education Center. The title of the exhibition is a fragment of the description of the junk shop, which is found in La Peau de Chagrin by Honoré de Balzac.

It is this image that became the central point of departure for the project, as well as the iconic figure of its owner, a collector of exquisite antiquities and mysterious mechanisms, random things and outdated items. This iconic post-romantic figure of the 19th century, migrating from one literary text to another, symbolically reveals the image of an experienced, ‘super-sighted’ and at the same time obsessed observer and collector. It is this image that inspires and shapes the character of the project, composed of works from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition itself is a chamber sketch about the angles of interaction between contemplation and touch as well as the ways to read them.

The haptics of the visual experience became the point of departure for the work on the project’s exhibition. The works for the exhibition are assembled as layers, reminiscent of archeological and archival research. The peculiarity of such a system of visual perception involves focused attention to detail, and immersion in specifics. Peering and tracing, listing and cataloging, detailing and repetition create a frame of interpretation of everyday life in which the static, unchanging appearance of it is questioned. The exhibition presents emblematic works of the Russian authors of the 20th century, including works by Vadim Zakharov and Arno Mora, Boris Turetsky and Igor Makarevich, Nina Kotel and Vladimir Salnikov, Natalia Zintsova, the Provmyza group and others.

Collection. Vantage Point Program at MMOMA

Collection. Vantage Point is a long-term exhibition program developed specifically for the MMOMA Education Center in addition to the series of large-scale thematic exhibitions that have become emblematic for the museum. One of the program’s distinguishing features is a different, more focused and intimate approach to the study and demonstration of museum collections, as well as a much more dynamic rhythm of the exhibition. The program combines exhibitions of various types — from monographic and archival to interdisciplinary. Intended to explore individual segments of the collection, these essentially laboratory projects often address private, non-mainstream, artistic subjects and allow new exhibition solutions to be tested.

Collection. A Vantage Point Program provides an opportunity to consider a wide range of phenomena — names, trends, images and ideas in the Russian art of the XX-XXI centuries from different positions and perspectives. In turn, the museum collection itself serves as a unique resource and a convenient ‘vantage point’ for talking about art, history, science, and culture in general. The program was launched at the end of 2017 and is implemented by the curatorial staff of the Research Department of MMOMA.

The program is authored by Andrey Egorov and Anna Arutyunyan.