Кадры из видеоэссе Алека Петука и Анны Прониной «Как двигать камни» (2019-2020)
Кадры из видеоэссе Алека Петука и Анны Прониной «Как двигать камни» (2019-2020)
Кадры из видеоэссе Алека Петука и Анны Прониной «Как двигать камни» (2019-2020)
«К-фитнес». Проект Коинсидентального Института.
Андрей Андреев. Часть проекта «Размещено 21.05.21. Виталий». Галерея «БОМБА»
Date: August, 4th — September, 26th 2021
Venue: MMOMA Education Center, Ermolaevsky lane, 17

Program curators: Anna Zhurba, Sergey Babkin

Space for Art. Conflict Check project is the first part of Space for Art. The Third Place program. The program is intended as a series of exhibitions and public events, with each project carried out by two artist-run initiatives from Russian cities and post-Soviet countries. The first exhibition was supposed to be the fruit of collaboration between the FFTN Space (Saint-Petersburg) and the Autarkia Space (Vilnius, Lituania). However, in the course of collaboration on the project, the dialogue between the curators came to a dead end.

The impossibility of further communication between the guest participants led the MMOMA curators to what seemed the only acceptable solution: to reshape the project into a group statement by several artist-run initiatives from different cities and countries on the conflict and discord as an everyday routine of art industry and the driving force of the political discourse. Self-organizations have been invited to participate if they have experienced a conflict affecting their further existence, as well as those that specialize in consistent research and problematization of conflicts, communication disruptions, or planning of an artistic environment.

Each participant of the project explores the same theme through their individual optics and taking into account their own organization. Thus, the Bomb gallery (Moscow) and the FFTN Space (Saint Petersburg) have chosen an exhibition-within-the-exhibition format as part of the project. The Bomb gallery has presented a collective statement on fear as an ontological category of our existence, a kind of internal conflict that freezes each of us from within.

The participants of the FFTN+ create a total installation, key part of which is a radio-drama Radio Dragon, a collection of spoken word records on various types of conflicts. It is accompanied with a mural by Ilya Grishaev, a sculpture by Anna Slobozhanina, and a video by Sasha Zubritskaya. The Elektrozavod Gallery (Moscow) makes an installation, partly recreating both the material world of their space and the fabric of interpersonal relations shaping the very essence of their self-organization. The Autarkia Space from Vilnius equally dwells on the everyday experience of an artist-run initiative and is to put on display a video based on the documentation of performances that have taken place in the different parts of the space at the inauguration of the Baltic triennial this year. The Ice Cream Shop Media Activist Collective will show a video essay in the style of YouTube learning channels created specifically for the show and delving into the workplace relations in the artistic industry and study such a notion as the conflict of interest. The Krëlex Center (Almaty/Vienna) will present a board game with no rules, where the field is represented by a half-imaginary map of artist-run initiatives within the post-Soviet space.

The group of Ukrainian artists Armed and Dangerous (Озброєні та небезпечні) is to present some episodes of their own video show dealing with the militarization of society and the dangers imminent with the extension of this process.

The video essay How to Move Stones by Alek Petuk and Anna Pronina uses the mechanism of coincidental philosophy to make a research on Mister Hexogene, a book by Alexander Prokhanov. This same method will be equally applied within the K Fitness programmes featuring lectures, seminars and performances to take place during the second month of the exhibition.

Olga Belova and Ivan Streltsov, the former participants of an independent media on contemporary art, will broadcast a special issue of their Non-Text podcast addressing the significance of the theme of conflict for contemporary art practices.

*The conflict check is the notion from the corporate vocabulary, the probability check of a conflict of interest before the establishment of relations with a contractor.


Alek Petuk and Anna Pronina;

Armed and Dangerous («Озброєні та небезпечні»), Ukraine and Belarus: Elias Parvulesco, Mykola Ridnyi, Olia Sosnovskaya and a. zh., Philip Sotnychenko;

BOMB gallery, Moscow: Andrey Andreev, Alexander Batalov, Diana Galimzyanova, Sergey Katran, Natasha Timofeeva;

Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow: Kirill Ivanov, Sergey Katran, Anton Kirillov, Vika Malkova, Dima Filippov, Katya Finkelstein;

Coincidental Institute: Yoel Regev, Alek Petuk, Yury Plokhov;

Krëlex Center, Almaty/Vienna: Maria Vilkovisky, Ruthie Dzhenrbekova;

Media Activist Collective Kafe-Morozhenoe, Moscow: Nastya Dmitrievskaya, Dasha Yuriychik with the participation of Katerina Shiryaeva;

Non-Text Podcast, Moscow: Olga Belova, Ivan Streltsov;

Autarkia, Vilnius: (Robertas Narkus, Lukas Strolia, JL Murtaugh, Kipras Garla, Milda Zabarauskaitė, Orius Narkus, Hubertas Narkus, Erik Vojevodin) with Elena Veleckaitė, Lubomir Grzelak, and Gliukmedia (Tadas Burmoras, Jurgita Rudėnaitė and Eva Barzdžionytė)

FFTN+, Saint Petersburg: Irina Aksenova, Ilia Grishaev, + Tatiana Danilevskaya. With the participation of Sasha Zubritskaya, Anna Slobozhanina and Anastasia Keineahnung.