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Save Up Laughter for Winter...
Наталья Николаева. Красный день календаря. 2022
Группа Архетип. ЫМЫЫ. 2022
Йэн Сур. Генерация. 2022
Аня Енот. Воспитание дегенерации. 2022
Date: June 29 — October 9 , 2022
Venue: MMOMA Education Center, 17 Ermolaevsky St.


Curated by: Alexander Blanar, Elena Vasilyeva

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a significant project for the exchange of cultural heritage with Yakutia, a unique and world-famous region of Russia. The exhibition is prepared jointly with the AyarKut Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art and with the support of the Yuri Gagarin Center for Culture and Contemporary Art.

Save Up Laughter for Winter is an exhibition dedicated to the contemporary art of Yakutia and provides an opportunity to analyze and find a common expression of folk culture in different artistic practices of three generations of Yakut artists, where the older are teachers or inspirational guides of the younger generation. Working with the theme of ethno-national and modern symbolism of the North, the authors develop new approaches to the representation of individual experience through art. In their works, expressing the inner need to capture the changing cultural landscape, the artists translate the interpenetration of nature and ancestral memory of the region into contemporary realities.

The title of the project quotes lines of the young poet and philosopher Gabba (Gleb Gabayev): «Save up laughter for winter, Like an animal saves up fur and lard..», which reflects a whole layer of northern culture placed within a harsh climate with a long winter and a short summer period and hence capturing the need to accumulate heat and joy as a method of survival and search for vitality appears.

The exhibition will feature a wide range of techniques, from paintings to arts and crafts objects and installations.

This project emphasizes the importance of repeatedly showing regional art in the Education Center of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, with one of its goals being to support and establish friendly relations and exchange of artistic expressions both inside and outside the country.

Artists: Кэрэhит/Witness (Anna Petrova), Natalia Nikolaeva, Olga Skorikova, Ustinya Prokopyeva, Nadezhda Komissarova, Juliana Semenova, Sardaana Khokholova, Anya Enot (Anna Innokentyeva), Kyhyҥҥy oyuur/Winter Forest (Alexander Innokentyev), Svetlana Romanova, Chelsea Tuggle, Yen Sur (Kyunnei Ivanova), Archetype Group (Ustinya Prokopyeva, Alexandra Neustroeva, Nadezhda Komissarova, Aitalina and Nikolai Battakhov, Natalia Christoforova, Lyudmila Fedorova, Anna Savvina, Elena Vasilyeva)

AyarKut Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art is part of Sinet Spark, a non-profit project and educational organization from the coldest inhabited region of the world, Yakutia. The mission of the foundation is to actively develop international cooperation in the sphere of contemporary art, as well as to search, develop and present Yakutia’s culture both in the region itself and throughout Russia and abroad.

The Yury Gagarin Center of Culture and Modern Art in Yakutsk since its opening in 2020 has been featuring the works of artists of different generations, working in various disciplines. The mission of the center is to provide an opportunity for the presentation of current artistic practices and organic integration into the life of the local community as a creative and experimental platform.



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