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Rauf Mamedov
Date: February 10 — March 13, 2011
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art at 17 Yermolaevsky Lane

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents «Silentium» solo exhibition by Rauf Mamedov. Works by this artist are like philosophical, ethical and poetic treatises that have taken visual form. Permeating Mamedov’s art, is the theme of uniqueness of human life. His works are united by a single meaning: finding the courage to love by adopting the «other» and being able to answer the questions: How are we related to each other? And who are we in the face of God?

Rauf Mamedov is a postmodernist. He employs the core principles and elements of this movement to attract the viewer’s attention to the biggest problem of today — the loss of moral and ethical virtues. Self-ironic, independent of the opinion of others, devoid of any envy or inferiority complexes, the artist liberally appropriates ideas and motives of the old masters’ works.

Mamedov works with people marked by a special sign — the Down’s syndrome. These people completely lack aggression, rage, hatred, or envy. They have retained — though, not by their own choice — a child’s view of the world. Their faces are unfailingly lit by joy. And this joy lights hopes — in the midst of dire circumstances of tragedy, loneliness, or death — for possible but often unattainable happiness. Their presence in the photographs allows the artist to achieve his true goal: to make the audience think and feel, love and empathize.