Klara Golitsina (b. 1925).
Tent in the Tuva steppe. 2005
Acrylic on paper
Andrei Martz (1924 — 2002)
Anteater. 1978
Metal alloy, granite, welding, sculpture
Kukuri Tsereteli (1934 — 2006)
Girl from Pluto. From the Aliens series. 2003
Paper on cardboard, gouache, silver paint
Tatyana Faydysh (b. 1955)
Cold. 1998
Plywood, mixed media
Alexander Tyshler (1898-1980).
Wood Spirit. 1960s
Wood, oil
Date: October 26 — December 4, 2022
Venue: MMOMA Education Centre, 17 Ermolayevsky Lane

AGE: 4+

Moscow Museum of Modern Art in partnership with the Territory.Kids festival presents

PLAYMMOMA. METAMORPHOSIS, an exhibition for children and parents at the MMOMA Education Center.

The family exhibition PLAYMMOMA. METAMORPHOSIS explores how contemporary art and different artistic practices help us better understand ourselves and others. The exhibition occupies the two floors of the Education Center and transforms one of the MMOMA’s buildings into an ecosystem that reminds one of a tree. In the beginning, visitors find themselves inside the crown of a tree, each branch leading to a work of art. Then they can go down to the floor below, where works from the MMOMA collection are hidden as if under the tree’s roots. This route is comparable to the creative process itself, moving from the conscious to the unconscious, from inspiration from the works of other artists to one’s own statement, the result of which is not only a material object but also a fantastic transformation of the author’s ‘self.’

To explore the exposition on your own, you can use a special card, which each visitor will receive at the entrance to the museum. This year the SAMO art therapy studio joined the curators’ team. There will also be art therapy classes, talks by contemporary artists, a Samokat publishing house book club, and singing performances during the exhibition.

It is worth reminding that the first PLAYMMOMA exhibition was held at the Museum back in 2016. It introduced visitors to contemporary art’s basic concepts and techniques: works from the museum’s collection were paired with interactive inclusions. In 2021, the project was relaunched under the name PLAYMMOMA 2.0. In the new series, children and adults learned how to put their knowledge into practice: they created soundscapes, experimented with different printing techniques, drew comic books, and assembled objects. In addition to works from the MMOMA collection, the exhibition featured works by guest artists created as part of the project and brain-teasers conceived by students of the British Higher School of Design.

In parallel with the PLAYMMOMA program, the Education Center will host performances and a special workshop — the Stand Up Lab by the Territory.Kids festival. Laboratory participants and professional mentors will compose their own monologues and perform them on the actual stage. The Territory.Kids festival will present two performances right at the MMOMA Education Center on October 25 and 26: Cardboard (theatrical work by Kirill Lukevich) and Crash in the Heart (work by Theater Project 27). The complete program of the festival is available on the website.

Especially for the period of the PLAYMMOMA.METAMORPHOSIS children’s menu will be available at MMOMA Cafe.

The detailed schedule of workshops, guided tours, and other project events will appear on our website shortly.

SAMO is an art therapy studio, the purpose of which is to work for the individual to become aware of his or her needs and to discover ways to meet them. Awareness occurs through figurative practice, non-verbal play, or contemplation while not excluding oral communication. For more than ten years, the SAMO Studio has been conducting art therapy classes and lectures in Moscow (MMOMA, the Garage Museum, Museum of Moscow), St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities. The studio uses creative practices as the primary communication tool, helps to get to know oneself and others anew, and offers various psychological support programs for children, families, and adults.