Contemporary Art Festival and Exhibition for Kids and their Parents
Экспозиция PLAYMMOMA 2.0 (c) Пресс-служба ММОМА
Экспозиция PLAYMMOMA 2.0 (c) Пресс-служба ММОМА
Экспозиция PLAYMMOMA 2.0 (c) Пресс-служба ММОМА
Экспозиция PLAYMMOMA 2.0 (c) Пресс-служба ММОМА
Molitor&Kuzmin (Урсула Молитор и Владимир Кузьмин). Стальная балка. m&k-X-99. 1999
Татьяна Глебова.Без названия.1975
Михаил Косолапов.Klein blue mound. 2007
Валерий Чтак. Сapisco Quasi Tutto. 2010
Потапов Владимир Владимирович. Сохранить изменения._1
Date: October, 23th — November, 21st 2021
Venue: MMOMA Education Center (17, Ermolaevsky lane)



Age 4+
Curators: Katerina Zatseva, Ksenia Maas, Anastasia Nefedova

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 family interactive exhibition and project, being part of the Territory. Kids children festival of contemporary art (22 — 31 октября 2021).

The PLAYMMOMA 2.0 is a play travel through the world of art. For a month, the exhibition galleries, lecture hall, library and even staircases of the MMOMA Education Center will turn into an experimental field. We welcome you to look at contemporary art through different perspectives, to discuss our impressions together and even to try and make your own artistic statement as part of our workshop programme, which accompanies the exhibition during its whole working period. Each Saturday and Sunday, together with contemporary artists, illustrators and writers, we shall invent performances, make comic books and video installations, paint graffiti, create large-scale sculptures and print on a real printing press. No previous training is required to take part in our workshops, which are open for children of any age group. All workshops include guided tours of the exhibition display.

The display features artworks from the MMOMA collection, some of them never exhibited before, as well as works by guest artists created specifically for the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 project. Among the artists of the project are Marina Alexeeva, Valeriy Aizenberg, Andrey Bartenev, Elena Berg, Tatiana Glebova, Anna Zholud, Francisco Infante Arana, Taisia Korotkova, Mikhail Kosolapov, Andrei Kuzkin, Valery Chtak and others. Among the guest artists are YeliKuka, Mayana Nasybullova, Your Mum’s Knight, Vera Vishnevaya, Katya Volkova, Dmitry Kavka, Maria Karpovich, Alexey Ryumin, Lena Stemberg, Katya Yatsenko. The concept of the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 is based on an Exquisite Corpse game. According to the rules, the participants one by one answer the following questions: ‘who did it?’, ‘where did it happen?’, "when did it happen?’, ‘what did they do?’ and ‘what came out in the end?’ They fold the paper where they have just written down their answer and hand it round so as to unfold it together in the end and read the resulting unexpected story. Recreating the game in the Museum space, the curators of the project have divided the display into several sections, being the counterpart of the game’s questions, which the visitor is to pass through guided by the itinerary map and eventually to compile his own story. The participants will run across interesting interactive tasks concerning the artworks on display invented in collaboration with the students of the British Higher School of Art and Design. The family project is intended to involve into a game not only kids but their parents as well. Each visitor will become part of the art process revolving around the now relevant themes of shaping the endless ever-changing history and of experience exchange between all kinds of people. The PLAYMMOMA 2.0 is the territory of mutual action and equality of all participants.

The project follows up the eponymous festival that took place at the MMOMA at 25, Petrovka in 2016 (curated by Anna Arutynyan, Andrey Egorov, Polina Zotova) and introduced young visitors and their parents to general vocabulary and media of contemporary art: artworks from the MMOMA collection were displayed alongside interactive interpolations in the ludic display format.

Along with the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 programme and also as part of the Territory. Kids festival, the MMOMA Education Center will feature from October, 21st to October, 30 the kids’ documentary theatre laboratory directed by Martha Horowitz. Its participants will stage a performance that will be shown to the public in the end of the festival. The Education Center will also host several theatrical performances of the festival:

October, 25th — the Things production by an art project Impressive Clownade,

October, 31st — the Unbelievable Adventures of Peter the Pigeon production by Pskov Dramatic Theatre based on a play by Yulia Pospelova (for kids aged 2 to 6).

The Smoke performance installation (Tyumen) performed without actors will be presented as a parallel project at the MMOMA Gogolevsky venue from October,26th to October, 31st. You can read the full programme of the Territory. Kids festival on the website.

In the course of the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 exhibition, a special children’s menu is available at the MMOMA cafe.

The detailed schedule of workshops and guided tours of the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 project is available online here.



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