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«Workshop 20’09. Today/Tomorrow»
Date: July 14 — September 1, 2011
Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 17 Ermolaevsky Lane

Daria Kamyshnikova
Asya Mukhina
with participation of Sergey Erkov

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and «Free Worshops» Contemporary Art School present the annual international exhibition of young art «Workshop 20’11. Today/Tomorrow».

The project is about time and its relativity. The participants of the project show their perception of the past, present and future. The curators find this theme especially important for young artists. The younger a person is the longer time stretches in his mind. Besides young people typically look ahead — to the future, to tomorrow. As the time goes by, it shrinks and eventually disappears together with a person.

The artworks for the project were selected by the curators of «Independent Workshops» of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. More than 500 people took part in the competition, and eventually 100 works representing all contemporary art media (objects, video art, collage, photo, painting, graphics and interactive installations) were selected.

The project includes the best works of the participants of the first open regional festival of young art in Kaluga «The Festival of Discoveries 2011».

The «Workshop» also presents the project «Art House Short Films» by the curator Tatyana Daniliants. The films will be shown on the 18th and 19th at 19.00 at the Museum venue at 25 Petrovka Str.

Curatorial projects

Video art festival «Now&After»
Curator: Marina Fomenko

For the first time a video art festival is held within the «Workshop» exhibition. The works for this project were also selected in competition. The selected works will be presented in the form of a video installation.

Now&After is both the real and the imaginary world, where dreams come true. Within the framework of this project, the artists visualize their perception of time and space, they reflect on the past and make projections into the future, they work on self-identification in the present moment, and experiment with video art as a medium.

Marina Fomenko, the curator of this project, is herself a graduate of the «Free Workshops» Contemporary Art School and a participant of the «Workshop 20’11» exhibition. Her «Observation Station» installation was exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2010 and was nominated for the Kandinsky prize.

For the festival she has chosen works of 20 artists from Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Brazil, USA, Taiwan, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Turkey.

The winners of the festival selected by the jury will be awarded with prizes.

«Who is not Here»
Curator: Ekaterina Kuzmina

The project also addresses the theme of time and its relativity, and combines artworks executed in various media. The aim of the curator is to create a clear space that exists beyond the constraints of real time, social and cultural patterns, and exists as a closed environment with its own laws. When a viewer gets into the artistically created artificial environment he loses the sense of time and enters the world of exists in the suggested circumstances of the ever repeated plot surrounded by the objects which have lost their functional use. In this art space, created by the curator and the participating artists, there is no past, present or future — it is a parallel world which exists «here and now».

The curator of the project — Ekaterina Kuzmina, is a researcher at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art; she was the co-curator of the thematic display «If I Only Knew!... A Guide to Contemporary Art» (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 25 Petrovka Str, 2010-2011).

The international «Workshop» exhibition of young art has been organized by MMoMA and «Independent Workshops» since the 2001. Young artists have addressed various problems of contemporary anthropology — time, space, personal relations, freedom and liberty. The project is aimed at supporting emerging artists working in various media, and the first exhibition at the Museum becomes an important starting point in their artistic careers. Such well-known contemporary artists as Anya Zholud, Alexey Djakov, Taisiya Korotkova, Nika Kukhtina, Roman Sakin, Vera Undritsova participated in the «Workshop» exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.