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IX Moscow International Biennale Fashion and style in photography 2015
Alisa Reznik. Untitled. 2011
Christto & Andrew. Mimetic Gestures (I). 2014. Lambda Print on Photographic Paper
Olga Izakson. From the series «Sunstroke». 2008
Igor Samolet. From the series «Herbarium». 2014
Maria Ionova-Gribina. Artyom and children. From the series «Fathers». 2014
Vik Laschenov. To live with another. 2013-2014
Ivan Lungin. From the series «Exodus». 2013-2014.
Albert Soldatov. Balthus. 2014. video
Date: February 17 – March 29, 2015
Venue: MMOMA, 17 Ermolaevsky lane

Moscow Museum of Modern Art will host art projects of Russian and international authors as part of the IX Moscow International Biennale “Fashion and Style in Photography 2015”.


 Alisa Reznik «One another»
Curator: Laura Serani
With support of Panasonic

Alisa Reznik is a Russian artist, who lives and works in Berlin. When she was 14, her family immigrated to Germany. She studied philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin and art history in Bologna, Italy. Thanks to familiarity with legendary documentary photographers Antoine D'Agata and Anderson Peterson, she took a great interest in photography. She travelled much over Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Her trip resulted in the project titled One Another. It is a photo report on her travels between Berlin and St. Petersburg, West and East, epochs before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2013, the project won the prestigious European Publishers Award for Photography. The author explores the nature of fear of emptiness, darkness and loneliness, everything that separates people, making them fragile and vulnerable.
In photos as well as in my life I'm looking for people who are not afraid of closeness…”, says Alisa Reznik. Her heroes pose against the faded curtains and shabby stools, sometimes distantly, sometimes with a challenge or contempt for the camera. Portraits give place to images of bars and empty hotel corridors, abandoned factories, buildings, which don’t seem to be inhabited, despite the lighted windows, trees covered with snow or entwined with garlands.


Christto & Andrew «Flowing Portraits»
With support of Panasonic

Christto & Andrew, an artistic duo from Qatar, presents the Flowing Portraits project as part of the Biennale. The artists had exhibitions in countries of Middle East, North and Central America and in Europe. Last year, Christto Sanz (b.1985) and Andrew Weir (b.1987) became winners of the 2014 Talent Call chosen by FOAM magazine. Using photography and video, they create portraits of their countrymen, giving each of them subtle symbolic meaning. Like puzzle pieces forming a complete picture, the Flowing Portraits project by Christto & Andrew makes intricate symbiosis of history, politics, economics, and popular culture. It exposes the condition of the contemporary society that has developed in the Persian Gulf. Exaggerated colors, staged compositions and strange humor emphasize the plastic state of constant changes, which influence upon diverse lifestyles in Qatar. Images of Christto & Andrew focus on two parallel dialogues. One of them occurs in the local community, another one happens in expatriation. Both of them involve many cultures and subcultures, typical for countries of the Middle East and North Africa.


Olga Izakson «Journey»
The project is presented by the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia
With support of MasterCard

The Journey project is the first large project by Moscow photographer Olga Izakson. The exhibition contains several related series. The Louis Vuitton backstage series is the start of cooperation between the young artist and the celebrated fashion house. Inspired by the successful start, the Russian agents of Louis Vuitton invited Izakson to partake in creation of the fashion series. The main characters of the series were fashion accessories and Yekaterinburg, the capital of Russian Constructivism. Stylish black and white photos emphasized the link between fashion and architecture, celebrated the purity of lines, the volume, expressed with a minimum of means, inherent in Constructivism of the 1920-30s. Working on the series, Olga Izakson appealed to the art of Alexander Rodchenko. The third series of the Journey project is titled Sunstroke. It started in 2008 and is still ongoing. On the one hand, it is surveillance of the wonderful behavior of people, who are paradoxically tired of rest at the beach. On the other hand, it is a story about finding your way, about how a simple interest in photography has grown into a passion. Because while working on this project, Olga Izakson, a graduating student of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and an employee of a large advertising agency, has decided to change her life and to devote herself to photography. “Someone didn’t understand why I was doing this. But I was lucky. From the very beginning, I met people, who guided me and shared their experiences”, says Izakson about her study in the International Center of Photography, New York, and in the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia that presents Olga Izakson’s project at the Fashion and Style in Photography 2015.


Igor Samolet «Herbarium»
The project is presented by the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia
With support of Panasonic

Igor Samolet is a young Russian artist, a graduate of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. He takes us to the village, which is not simple, but absolutely amazing. It seems to be in some another dimension. When we find ourselves there, we catch ourselves at thinking about unreality and reflecting on the complex organization of the space. At different times, this imaginary village was inhabited by peasants, or collective farmers, or summer residents, leaving traces of their stay, filling it with new meanings. Igor Samolet fixes these meanings.


Maria Ionova-Gribina «Fathers»
Curator: Nina Levitina
The project is presented by the Moscow House of Photography
With support of Panasonic

The project by Maria Ionova-Gribina is devoted to the research of self-identification of the contemporary Russian man through fatherhood. The project has an element of performance. The artist invited childless men to take part in the photo shoot. The only requirements to male models were to be childless and to be 18 years old. But she didn’t tell them the topic and the prospective circumstances of the shoot. The artist introduced the model to her kids and offered him to imagine that they were his kids. What could he do with them? Could he play with them or do homework? Could he cook dinner or fix a scooter? How would he like to be photographed with “his” kids? The photographer researched conscious and unconscious behavior of men in front of the camera, whether he would abandon shooting, whether he would feel free or constrained, how his body language would reflect his psychological state.


Vik Laschenov «Living with Others»
Curator: Nina Levitina
The project is presented by the Moscow House of Photography
With support of Panasonic

Vik Laschenov explores the theme of personal space. The Living with Others project is an attempt to find a zone of comfort safe solitude inside IKEA interiors. The artist says, “The internal organization of the store involves the mix of the personal and the socialThe finished interiors are like the territory of the personal, inviting us to try the comfort of a cozy home. At the same time, it is a store, a social space, implying certain rules of conduct. I extend my personal space, breaking the rules of the store and involving customers in the interaction with me”. Thus, Vik Laschenov focuses our attention on collision of the personal and the public.


Ivan Lungin «Exodus»
Curator: Olga Sviblova
The project is presented by the Moscow House of Photography
With support of Panasonic

The Exodus project is the first photo project by Ivan Lungin, who is known, first of all, as a painter and an author of installations. In this project, photography is a material for another installation. Ivan Lungin reflects on the phenomenon of emptiness. This emptiness, paradoxically, is born in the city. In the Exodus project its synonym is a crowd. In the permanent urban architecture, which is the topic of his paintings and photos, a human silhouette is just a faceless shadow, a ghost, a void. In the preface to the project, Ivan Lungin writes, “When taking backs, necks, parts of the landscape out of the ordinary context, stopping for a moment, framing them in the subjective frames, we give them life, meaning, symbolism, we animate them”.


Albert Soldatov «Balthus»
The project is presented by the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia
With support of Panasonic

The Balthus project by Albert Soldatov, the winner of Kandinsky Prize 2014 in the Young Artist. Project of the Year category, is a story about the state of the contemporary man, who is characterized as unprincipled, inactive and plunged in comfort. The video contains 9 scenes, reproducing paintings by Balthus. Off-screen dialogues are meaningless phrases, taken from social networks. Heroes symbolize modern users, overloaded with information noise. The authors shows us “… a man, located on the coach, with a gadget in his hands, touching the touch screen with his finger. The endless flickering of images on the screen introduces him to a state of torpor, like the heroes of paintings by Balthus. The very word “Balthus” is not only a name of the celebrated French artist. It is a synonym of hibernation, a state of inactivity of body and mind”.