for Collection. A Vantage Point Program
Родченко Александр (1891-1956). Прыжок в воду. 1940
Бумага на картоне, акварель. 43,5 х 30,5
Родченко Александр (1891-1956). Прыжок в воду. Оборот. 1940
Бумага на картоне, акварель. 43,5 х 30,5
Колейчук Вячеслав. Утро на Ветлуге. Серия коллажей. 1987
Бумага, печать, коллаж. 42 х 55
Колейчук Вячеслав. Утро на Ветлуге. Серия коллажей. Оборот. 1987
Бумага, печать, коллаж. 42 х 55
Криммер Эдуард. Без названия (Двухсторонняя композиция). 2-ая половина 1920-х.
Холст, масло. 80,5 х 63
Криммер Эдуард. Без названия (Двухсторонняя композиция). Оборот. 2-ая половина 1920-х.
Холст, масло. 80,5 х 63
Вид экспозиции с инсталляцией Ирины Кориной «Topmodel» (2006), ВСЕ НАОБОРОТ!
2020-2021, ММОМА
Хаим Сокол. Доска объявлений. 2014
Дерево, бумага, пластик, скотч, акрил, маслянный карандаш, шариковая ручка
Date: January 22 — April 11, 2021
Venue: MMOMA Education Center, Yermolayevsky 17

Curated by: Katerina Zaytseva

FRONT TO BACK! is a project prepared as part of the Collection. A Vantage Point Program implemented by the MMOMA education center. The exhibition introduces the viewer to a unique aspect of the museum collection showing them the reverse side of artworks. The exhibition focuses on different aspects of the paintings’ backside: the professional activities of the curators and the restorers, as well as the images that are usually inaccessible to the public, but can tell a story about the work and the artist — here objective reality (the canvas, the stretcher, the paints, inscriptions and signs) is intertwined with fiction. Individual works in the exhibition are concerned with the idea of space ‘behind the canvas’, experiments with the format of the painting and with the traditional concept of creating and destroying the ‘illusion of depth’ in a flat work of art.

The works presented at the exhibition are divided into several thematic groups, including Biography of a Painting, Artist’s Laboratory, Otherworldly, Metaphysics of Everyday Life and others. The principle behind the selection was the curator’s first impressions of the artifacts found in the museum collections with images on the reverse. A full-fledged study and description of these artifacts is yet to come, but in the meantime they have for the first time appeared in public, accompanied by brief curatorial remarks. The exhibition includes works by Alexander Rodchenko, Eduard Krimmer, Alexander Labas, Boris Sukhanov, Natalia Parkhomenko, Vitaly Samarin, Eduard Steinberg, Vasily Sitnikov, Vyacheslav Koleichuk, Inal Savchenkov, Irina Korina, Chaim Sokol, Ivan Plyusch, Taus Makhacheva and others.

The exhibition will be complemented by a video interview the curator made with the staff of the department of collections and the department of restoration of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, telling about the part of the museum work, which is always hidden from the public eye.

The unusual perspective of the MMOMA collection offered to the viewer in this project required unconventional exhibition solutions from the museum. The exhibition presents different ways of displaying works on both sides, and in cases where this is not possible due to conservation and preservation rules, the works are supplemented with information about the image inaccessible to viewers.

Collection. A Vantage Point program at MMOMA

Collection. A Vantage Point is a long-term exhibition program developed specifically for the MMOMA Education Center in addition to the series of large-scale thematic exhibitions that have become emblematic for the museum. One of the program’s distinguishing features is a different, more focused and intimate approach to the study and demonstration of museum collections, as well as a much more dynamic rhythm of the exhibition. The program combines exhibitions of various types — from monographic and archival to interdisciplinary. Intended to explore individual segments of the collection, these essentially laboratory projects often address private, non-mainstream, artistic subjects and allow new exhibition solutions to be tested.

Collection. A Vantage Point Program provides an opportunity to consider a wide range of phenomena — names, trends, images and ideas in the Russian art of the XX-XXI centuries from different positions and perspectives. In turn, the museum collection itself serves as a unique resource and a convenient ‘vantage point’ for talking about art, history, science, and culture in general. The program was launched at the end of 2017 and is implemented by the curatorial staff of the Research Department of MMOMA.

The program is authored by Andrey Egorov and Anna Arutyunyan.

Located on 17 Ermolaevsky Lane, the MMOMA Education Center was founded in 2017 as a space for creative and social initiatives as well as academic research.

The center’s mission is to promote the integration of various social groups into the cultural life of Moscow. Exhibitions of contemporary art and projects from the MMOMA collection, an open library with over 16,000 publications, a lecture series for children and adults, and a series of family programs are aimed at introducing the museum’s collection and current trends in art theory and research to a broad audience. The space of the Education Center was constructed following modern museum technologies which allow everyone regardless of their level of training to broaden their experience and to get new knowledge about contemporary art. Another important objective of the center is to support young art by creating a comfortable environment for the generation of innovative creative initiatives not only in the field of culture, but also in related fields — science, history, philosophy and literature.

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